Jade is twenty years old. After leavings school with few qualifications and working four part-time jobs. She realizes she needs to finish what she started and reach that goal she has always dreamed
of. What she does not know is that her life has just come to a cross roads. Does she choose to follow in her ancestors footsteps, maybe losing the love of her life along the way? Or does she turn
her back on her true-self? With trials and tribulations coming towards her left, right and centre, she is forced to make a choice.

Copyright © 2012-2018 j.lendon

Table of Contents

Loves Young Dream

Jade is 20.

After leaving school with few qualifications and working a few different part-time jobs she realises she needs to finish what she started and reach that destination she had always dreamed of.

The guy training her is moody, bossy and just generally aweful but what she does not anticipate is falling for the guy!
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The Party

Chapter 2: The Party As Cass was dragging me away, I couldn't help but look back at the shop. Matt was out the front again but he was... Read Chapter


Chapter 3: Acquaintances    I swallow a lump in my throat and immediately shrink back, hitting something rock hard. Str... Read Chapter

Surprise, Part 1

Chapter 4: Surprise, Part 1 Once I walked in to the changing room, I greeted all my work colleagues. For Michael's surprise we had ma... Read Chapter

Surprise, Part 2

Chapter 5: Surprise, Part 3 The changing room was chokingly full of cigarette smoke. "YO LADIES, SMOKE OUT THE FIRE DOOR PLEASE."... Read Chapter

Surprise, Part 3

Chapter 6: Surprise, Part 3 ~Jades’ P.O.V~ "Jade, that was frigging awesome. Even we were all rocking it out back here as we go... Read Chapter


Chapter 7: Aftermath ~Michael's P.O.V~ I can't believe Cass actually done that. The girls must have practised over and over and o... Read Chapter


Chapter 8: Reactions I stopped by my apartment to pick up my sketches and drawings, before I made my way back to see Matt at their ta... Read Chapter


Chapter 9: Apologies Walking back in to the tattoo shop, the door was wedged open and Matt was sitting at his desk. I ignored him and... Read Chapter

Seeing Things

Chapter 10: Seeing Things Lying face down, topless on the tattoo chair, I could hear the squeak on the stools wheels as Dean pushed h... Read Chapter


Chapter 11: Mystery   Gasping for air I jumped up from what I was lying on, wide awake. Spinning around as I felt hands on m... Read Chapter


Chapter 12: Hurt Only one thing kept going round my mind, wolf… a wolf. Nah, there is no way that is possible. He has to of lost hi... Read Chapter


Chapter 13: Found What actual fuck? I mean that was Paul talking but it wasn’t Paul at the same time. His mouth moving and his body... Read Chapter


Chapter 14: Home Sitting on the bus heading home I made phone calls to all four jobs, making up some excuse about my disap... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Explanation Walking back in to the kitchen, Cass grabs me and pushed me over to a seat beside Matt, ‘right sit your but... Read Chapter

Catch Up

Chapter 16: Catch Up It’s been a week since Michael’s party; things are slowly getting back to normal. Cass and Matt finally went... Read Chapter


Chapter 17: Mates Leaning back and picking up my spoon to continue eating, “wow, I wasn’t expecting that.” “I’m sorry I... Read Chapter


Chapter 18: Restraint “Jade…. Do you think he will accept me?” Looking over as I pull the keys out of ignition, I see Paul ... Read Chapter


Chapter 19: Anthony Witnessing the moment between my brother and Matt was extraordinary. I've never seen anything so magical and euph... Read Chapter


Chapter 20: Surprise After having my mini breakdown and thinking everything through I have come to a discsion, this time I will learn... Read Chapter


Chapter 21: Alpha?   “So, which one of you is coming with me to work tonight?” “we are both coming with you. To... Read Chapter

Baby Cousin

Chapter 22: Baby Cousin   Walking in to the living room, I pull out my phone to snap a photo of Michael being the little spo... Read Chapter


Chapter 23: Awkward   *Paul’s P.O.V* Lying here in bed, looking down at Matt, my mate, wrapped securely in my arms ... Read Chapter


Chapter 24: Luna   Standing in my empty apartment, taking in the blank walls and remembering all the great memories this p... Read Chapter


Chapter 25: Headache   Hearing the pitter patter of feet on the hallways wooden floor, I turn from putting the clean dishes ... Read Chapter

Welcome to Greyabbey

Opening the door to the room Susan indicated was mine, I first noticed the beautiful textured wallpaper, gold and shimmery. Opening the d... Read Chapter


*Jade P.O.V* Waking up from the best nap ever, was difficult. No dreams I that could recollect but just the sense of being safe and l... Read Chapter