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How the seasons came to be on Earth.

Submitted: September 17, 2014

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Submitted: September 17, 2014




High above the virtuous, green land and calm seas below, there lived a God. He has lived up in the clouds by himself since his early ages, being birthed in thin air. Not knowing other living beings, the God looked down through the clouds and watched the only tree on the surface sway as the wind blew gently, easing him into slumber. One day he was looking down into the water and saw his reflection. He pondered as to what would happen if there was another “him” living up in the sky. Days and weeks went by as the young God tried to figure out how to duplicate himself. Finally, as he was walking back and forth on the clouds he saw a dark, rectangular figure in the distance.

Intrigued by his discovery, the God ran to it and was surprised at what he found. It was a brick contraption with certain knobs, buttons, and an opening. The God was confused because right as he saw the contraption, he knew what it was. An oven. He was so excited that sparks in his brain started flying. The God was so ready to create a second version of him that he started working immediately.

A recipe came to the front of his mind and the God went down to the ground, got some clay, and cut some wood for the fire. He shaped the clay to his height and added details to the face. As a final touch, to make it exactly like him, the God added a piece of hair and stuck it into the oven.

Because he was so eager to see his creation, he opened the oven and when the shape came out it was completely pale. A little disappointed in his creation, the God dumped him down under the clouds and into the water down below. The White man washed up on the beach and started walking around, not knowing where he was. The God ignored the White man and left him to his own devices. Feeling upset about his creation, he tried again. This time, he left the clay in the oven and because he was bored waiting, he watched the tree again and fell asleep.

Once he woke up, the God remembered the clay and was flustered. He ran over to the oven and opened it. Black smoke arose from the contraption and as it cleared the God saw the shape, it was very dark. Not realizing how hot the clay got, he burned his hand in the process of extraction and dropped it. The Dark man, like the white one, hit the water and washed up on the beach. The White man saw him wash on shore and took him into a hut that he had made days before.

Frustrated by his failures, he made one last attempt. The God had to go back down to the surface because he ran out of clay and his storage of wood was running low. As he was getting some clay, the White man saw him and spoke, asking about who he was and why he needed so much clay. “Be gone my failure! I don’t want to see you right now.” Said the God and continued gathering materials. The White man realized that he was the person who created him and threw him over the cloud’s edge. Angered by this, the White man left and went to get the Dark man, but when they returned, the God was gone.

Back up in the clouds, the God was quickly making a new man. Since he was rushing, the God shaped the clay to be thinner and he didn’t smooth it out as he did with the last two. Sticking it into the oven, he forgot to add some hair. So, he ripped a handful out of his head and threw it in the oven. Waiting patiently next to the oven, the God kept track of time making sure not to burn it or under bake it. When the shadow of the tree finally faced the northeastern side, he knew it was time to take it out. As the oven door opened, he saw the golden brown exterior of the shape and was amazed by his creation.

The young God continued to stare at his masterpiece and without realizing it, the shape began to move. Coming back to his senses, the God helped to take out the clay. Once it was finally extracted, he looked at it and realized that it was not a man, but a beautiful woman. She had long luscious hair and lovely golden brown skin. He was so engrossed in her beauty that the word “Summer” came out of his mouth. Delighted by what he just exclaimed, the God named the woman Summer. Summer and the God spent every waking moment together until she finally looked down past the clouds. “My loved God, what is down there?” Summer asked. The God replied, “Nothing of interest, but if you want to explore down under, I shall bring you there.”

The next day, Summer and the God descended onto the surface. He introduced to her the water and the tree that he used to watch up in the clouds when he was bored, saying now it is irrelevant since he has her. In the bushes, the White and Dark man watched as the God sweet talked Summer and enjoyed himself. The White man, wanting revenge for what the God has done explained his plan to the Dark man and they planned to execute it on that day. The God and Summer were enjoying each other’s company on the beach when Summer said, “My beloved God, I will be back for I want to get something for you and I to eat.” The God happily let her go and enjoyed the heat from the sun and coolness of sea water washing over his feet.

After a while, the God became anxious as to what had happened to his loved Summer for she had not returned. He walked past the hut and tree only to find the Dark and White man in a bush. The God asked, “Have you seen my beautiful Summer?” The White man said that they had, and brought her out from behind the bush. Flustered, the God started to panic and was both worried and angered by their actions. The Dark man held out a sharp stone attached to a stick up to the girl’s neck. “You threw us down here without a thought and made a woman for your enjoyment and pleasure. Now, we will take what is most important to you and watch you suffer, our God,” exclaimed the White man. In desperation, the God pleaded and said he would bring them back up to the clouds where they once were but before he could finish his sentence, the Dark man stabbed Summer in the stomach repeatedly.

Shocked at what was happening, the God yelled out in anger, sorrow, and disbelief. Finally, the White man sliced her throat and both men ran from that area as fast as their feet could take them. The God held Summer in his arms as the red liquid flowed from her fragile body. He wept for days and days until her body started to harden. Wanting to keep it supple and soft as he remembered it, the God decided to bury her body underneath the tree he admired so much. Returning up to the clouds, the God wanted to punish his two creations for killing his one true love.

So, he created a time called autumn, where the fruits and vegetables that his two creations made would start to wither and die. Bringing along cold fronts and strong winds to make them shake in their sleep. Next would be winter, where everything is held still in white powder and his tree nothing but a solid, brown twig. Leaving the men so cold that their parts turned blue. Amidst all his anger towards the two men, the God always remembered Summer and her radiant smile. The God grew tired of seeing harsh weathers and so much death that he created spring, a time to start having plants flourish with flowers and have the grass become green once again in remembrance of his beloved. A time to lead up to the last season, summer. Summer is where he remembers all the great times he spent with his loved one and also a time to start the cycle once more. He created the seasons in order to remind us of his loss, sorrow, anger, and how much he loved.

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