A Lost Tear

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It's an actual story or part of a tragedy that occurred a long time ago.I wish I could let the whole world read it.These people are my role models.Please tell me if you like it so I can write the sequel.If anyone is interested in knowing who these people were I'ld be more than glad to tell him/her.

Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



Walking in the agonizing heat of a desert's sun,she felt the ruthless thirst cracking her throat.Hubristic slayers,heavy chains and wounding whips accompanied her and who was left of her family.She took one last look at her brother's bloodied body and looked around for his sacred hands.\"Oh brother,did not you promise these thirsty children to bring back a drop of water to extinguish the heat of that blazing battle\",she turned to look at her other brother and said weeping \"They tore off your head oh dearest brother and raised it on a harpoon,they slaughtered your thirsty infant, and all for the sake worldly benefits\". Her first brother rode off on his horse to get water to end the children's suffering and pleading after theircamp was surrounded by the enemy's forces.He was one of the strongest knights of the time,and he was very handsome;they called him \"qamar bani Hashem\":moon of the Hashemites.He killed many soldiers who stood in his way and safely arrived to the shore of a river dogs were allowed to drink from but they were forbidden to.He took some water in his hands and felt its coolness;he wanted a sip but the pleading screams of children prevented him,his great affection towards his leader and his own brother prevented him.\"How dare I drink and my brother is still craving water?What sin would I commit!\" He must have told himself.He threw the water from his hands, filled the bottle and set off to his camp again.And suddenly from behind,a cursed man attacked him and cut off his first hand;he held it with his other hand and rushed to the camp ,but another man cut the hand that held the bottle.He did not lose determination and picked it up with his teeth,and just then the bottle was hit with an arrow .Another arrow blinded his right eye.The blood coming out from it poured all over his face and blinded his left eye.The defenseless young man was lost:the bottle was emptied,both his arms were cut off and he could not see.A monstrous man took advantage of the situation and hit him on his head which was split into half.He fell off his hoarse and called for his brother.A knight who falls off his hoarse holds his hands before his chest to break the fall,but with what did Al Abbass break his fall? His brother rode a hoarse and rushed to see him,but instead of seeing his brother he found a torn up bleeding body infront of him.He yelled \"Now my back is broken,oh brother you were the commander of my army.Who will know defend our camp?All my soldiers are now lying on the sands of death\".The very few men who were brave enough to fight with him died in the battle.They were no more than eighty men against thousands and thousands.To be continued...

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