Tell Him of My will

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He truly is the love of my life.I hope he gets to read this .He deserves the best and he's always in my prayers.I don't mind if he's with someone else as long as he's happy.Tell me what you think and I don't mind if you criticize the poem.P.S:it used to be one but the stupid editor ate all the spaces:(

Submitted: July 09, 2013

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Submitted: July 09, 2013



1.A visitor woke me up at sunrise

2.We started to talk though I was surprised:

3.They see I'm wrong but I'm not afraid

4.I've had enough time in the shade

5.I can hear my heart racing in my head

6.I take a final breath lying on my bed

7.This is goodbye;this is farewell

8.He's whispering a secret I can't tell

9.Angel of death!Steal my soul tonight

10.\"Wait a bit longer,don't give up the fight\"

11.Was I mistaken to grant him my heart

12.\"I'm afraid it's to late to regret or restart,

13.It's over so don't build up hope\"

14.I'd rather hang myself with a spiked rope

15.\"You're refusing all the advice I am offering you\"

16.But there is still one thing that you can do!

17.After you take me,hand him my will

18.And tell that I loved him and I still

19.Tell him I've died while waiting in vain

20.Tell him his love drove me insane

21.\"I know his name,but how does he look \"

22.If I try to describe him I end up with a book

23.You'll smell a unique scent in his air

24.He's got short brown locks of silky hair

25.Charming notes of his low pitched voice

26.Will tell you why he was my final choice

27.And of his eyes I cannot speak

28.They make the strongest women feel so weak

29.I deeply admire his warm skin tone

30.For his appealing smile,he is widely known

31.A gentleman who is tall and slim

32.He's one of a kind you'll know it's him

33.Find him and tell him what u heard

34.Don't let him have the final word

35.Let him think about me for a while

36.Let me be the reason behind his smile

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