Expecting Paradise

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imagine the most beautiful place or thing you've ever seen, now imagine seeing something even more beautiful than that!

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



Expecting Paradise

The Dream Catcher Writing Contest 2016


Seems like no matter where I turned, I was surrounded by clouds. The weather was misty and cool like a cucumber in the summer. I felt familiar with the scene but couldn’t remember from where.  As I looked down, I could see that I was barefoot, and that my white dress seemed to caress my toes. I could see in the far distance two big gates that stood about twelve feet high.  I was in a line of about ten people, waiting to gain access, and behind me seemed never ending.

Everyone seemed to be wearing white as well, I guess we all got the memo. There was someone standing behind a brown podium, that seem to be signing us in. I began checking my pockets and couldn’t find my ID to help the man verify me. For each person that was signed in the big gates seemed to open, but I couldn’t see beyond because of the bright light shining behind it, it was so bright that  I had to cover my eyes.

The anticipation was killing me, I couldn’t remember how I got here. When it was my turn to approach the man at the stand, I could see him grab his white feather which wrote like a pen, turn towards me and says,

“Good morning, and Welcome Krissy Alice Jane.”

I don’t know how he knew my name, but he grabbed the log inbook and turned it towards me and says,

“Please sign here my dear.”

As I stood in confusion I grabbed the pen and began to sign in. As I placed the pen back down, and closed the book it read, “The book of Eternity.” The gates then opened again and it was my turn to walk in, the light was so bright, but it was so beautiful like I had to get closer. As I looked down it seemed as if the floor was paved in gold. I could hear the trumpets playing in the background, and it was getting louder as I was moving forward.

Still unable to see, it was like my feet were doing all the guiding. I still didn’t know where I was at but continued to walk anyway, I then seemed to have bumped into something that caused me to lose my balance and fell to the floor. Trying to feel my way around to grab on to something to pick myself back up, I saw a hand lent to me to help me up, they were so nice and soft, you can feel that they were  full of love, as I looked up all I could see was a big beautiful white stallion, nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

As I was trying to look up to the kind man who was helping me up, the bright light seem to shine in my face again, causing me to have to close my eyes. I was determined to see what was here, so I went for it again, I had to see, I wanted to see, so I opened my eyes again, and all I could see was the window my mom had opened, and saying,

“Rise and shine, time to get up.”

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