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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Death... Life... What is it all for?

Submitted: May 26, 2013

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Submitted: May 26, 2013





He woke, sweating profusely. His bed was gone. As a matter of fact, everything in his room was nonexistent. He was in a black void, surrounded by a quiet nothing. The waking man looked from side to side, wondering where he was. He began to walk around the seemingly endless blackness.

"Where am I?" he yelled into the darkness.

"Welcome to nothingness Joseph, for it is all that you know." An ominous voice replied.

"Who are you?"

The voice repeated itself, "Welcome to nothingness Joseph, for it is all that you know."

Whenever Joseph spoke, the only thing the voice seemed to reply with was this statement. At first, the voice unnerved him. Over time, fear turned to anger, and Joseph began to fume.

"I've had enough of these games! Show yourself! I know I'm not alone!" he shouted angrily.

"Welcome to nothingness Joseph, for it is all that you know." the voice replied, monotone and calm as usual.

"Where the hell am I? What is this place?" Joseph was certain he was going mad. As he was on the brink of hysteria, a person looking exactly like him appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The clone was wearing a robe so white it seemed to glow against the darkness. He had a cold, yet calming smile across his face, suggesting that there was nothing to fear.

"Welcome to nothingness Joseph, for it is all that you know." said the man.

"Why... Where is here? Why do you look like me? How... how did this happen?" asked Joseph.

"You've spent too much of your life worrying about yourself, Joseph. All you knew was lies, and yourself. This is all that you know and all that you will ever know." replied the man.

"What do you mean? Don't be so cryptic!" demanded Joseph.

"Cryptic... How ironic you should use that word."

"You can't possibly mean..."

"Yes, I do."

"So I'm..."

"Dead. Yes."

Joseph fell to his knees. It seemed just yesterday he was fine. Though he wasn't fine just yesterday, and he knew it. The cancer had finally gotten to him, and this was death. Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, none of these were real. Any ideas of the afterlife from anything were all falsities. Only this infinite space of nothing was real, and Joseph did not know why. Death was so certain, yet what happened to him after it seemed to be an illusion.

"Why is this death? Is there a point to the afterlife if it's just... this?" Joseph asked.

"Humanity makes too many assumptions about what comes after death. I've always thought it best to not think on it at all. I know nothing of life and death, why should I try to understand that which cannot be understood?" replied the man, who now looked Joseph directly in the eyes. There was a distinct difference in the two men, now that Joseph could examine his clone more closely.

"Your eyes..."

"Strange things, aren't they? Not many others have them in the shape of stars, do they?"

"But... who are you?" Joseph asked.

"I am all that you know, Joseph. You know of life, death, and yourself. That which you thought you knew is irrelevant. The people you thought you knew deceived you. And now... now you cannot know anything more. Be at peace my friend, for no one can ever lie to you to again." replied the man, who began to disappear.

"Not everyone could have lied to me! Why isn't there anyone here?"

"Because you do not know them, Joseph. Not wholly, for if you did they would be here. Find peace in yourself, my friend. This is the place where you die. Know that even in your death, the world you left will go on without you. Your friends, your family, and anyone else, will learn to live on without you, so you must learn to die without them." By the end of his speech, the man was gone. Joseph was left alone in the infinite darkness, wandering on forever.

He was still very confused by what the man in white told him. He looked around for something, anything that could remind him of life. Joseph found nothing. There was no sense of time in this place, so Joseph kept wandering for what seemed like hours. Suddenly, a familiar sound echoed throughout the blackness. It was the sound of Brahms's Op 121, number three.

"Oh, Tod, wie bitter bist du..." The song went on, bringing a calming sensation upon Joseph.  

Joseph smiled. Whoever that person was, they were right. He truly knew nothing, and was glad of it. Death, while bitter, was a humbling experience. Though he knew he could never feel it again, he'd hope to die again. He fell back asleep, letting the darkness consume him.

"Welcome to nothingness Joseph, for this is all that you know." he whispered to himself.

© Copyright 2020 JM Troyer. All rights reserved.

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