Max; Little Dog, Big World

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Submitted: November 18, 2017

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Submitted: November 18, 2017



Meet Max.  He is a black and white dog that often gets mistaken for a panda bear. Max lives with his favorite human in the world, Jennifer; she is his very best friend. Together, they go on a lot of fun adventures. Some would say Max is adventurous, mischievous, but most of all, curious.  He likes to run, play, jump, inspect and sniff to his hearts content. After all, Max is a little dog and this is a big world.


Every morning Max and Jennifer have the same routine. They wake up, go downstairs, eat breakfast and then it is time for Max to start his day. This is the moment that Max waits for every morning. Jennifer walks to the back door that leads to the deck. She slowly lifts the blinds, unlocks the door, and opens it. The clean air and aroma of wild flowers dance around Max’s nose. He steps out with his right paw first and then his left. He sniffs the clean air to see what he should inspect first.


*Rumble, Rumble, Rumble* “My friends!” Max barks and takes off into his yard. Jennifer smiles and sends Max on his way as he goes to greet the sanitation workers. Joe and Bill honk their horn, as they are thrilled to see Max. *beep, beep*“Hi, Max!" You see, when you are a curious pup like Max, you make a lot of friendly friends. Max sits by the fence and smells all sorts of smelly smells coming from the big machine on wheels. “I smell pizza, donuts, hamburgers, and ---Oh, my!" Too many smells for Max; time to move on. He sniffs the perimeter of his backyard. *sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff*


Max hears noise coming from one of the trees. There’s tweeting and scrambling coming from the branches. “That must be Mr. Squirrel and Mrs. Oriole”. He scurries over to the large Oak Tree to inspect and to see what his friends are up to. Excited, Max starts to jump and bark at the tree not knowing he is startling Mr. Squirrel and Mrs. Oriole who have vanished. Max then hears Jennifer “Max, be nice to your friends!" Feeling confused, Max plops down into a ball of fluff. The wind blows hard and captures Max’s attention. Time to inspect…


All of this excitement has Max hungry for a snack. “What should I eat?" He wonders. “Oh yes, Jennifer’s buffet by the tall Oak Tree. Jennifer didn’t exactly have a “buffet”. Jennifer grew a beautiful vegetable garden filled with plump tomatoes, crisp lettuce, crunchy carrots, sweet cucumbers and more. Max rustles through the garden deciding what he wants. “Yuck, tomatoes. I don’t like cucumbers. Lettuce is for friends that hop. I’ll have my favorite, carrots”. Max helps himself to Jennifer’s carrots. *crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch*.


Jennifer realizes she hasn’t heard Max for a while now. “He must be in to something,” she says. Max hears footsteps on the deck. “Max!" Jennifer calls. “Where are you?” She asks. Trying to not get caught, Max moves slowly through the vegetable plants. Jennifer see’s a fluffy black and white tail floating through the plants. “Get out of my garden you silly pup”! She yells to Max. He scurries out of the garden finishing his carrot, of course. He lays in the sunshine enjoying the rest of his snack.



While Max is finishing his carrot, he hears unusual noises coming from the other side of his backyard. “I must inspect”, he thinks. He takes the last bite of the carrot and walks over to the other side of the yard. He hears his neighbor, Charlie, trying to start the lawnmower. Max sits and watches Charlie fight with the piece of machinery. “Come on, you crazy mower, start!” *bubble, bubble bubble, clank, clank, mutter, vrooooooom* Filled with a sense of accomplishment, Charlie jumps up and down and starts mowing his lawn. Max watches Charlie pace back and forth cutting each blade of grass. This is not a smell or a noise that Max likes. The grass makes his nose itch and the noise bothers his ears. Max decides to move on. He sways past Jennifer’s vegetable garden and the tall oak tree. Max sits by the fence and ponders life on the other side.


 “The other side of this fence is a new world” Max says to himself “There are a lot of friendly friends, noises, and smells. Max begins to feel sleepy from his exciting morning. He walks around in circles 5 times and gets himself comfortable in the grass. The sunshine beats down on Max’s black and white fluffy fur making him feel warm and cozy. He rolls to his left side and gazes up in the sky; not a cloud in sight. “I’ll only close my eyes for one minute” thinks Max. In 3..2..1.. Max is out like a light.


Max hears the door that leads to the deck open slowly. Out walks Jennifer with his leash and harness. “Max, Do you want to go on a walk?" She asks. As fast as his little body can go, Max runs past the wild flowers, jumps over the vegetable garden, blazes past the tall Oak tree and runs up the deck. He trots over to Jennifer, jumps up and down excitedly giving her kisses. Jennifer laughs and smiles down at Max “Ok, I’ll take that as a yes!" He sits still and allows her to put on his leash and harness. Max is ready to take on the world outside of his fence and seek out new smells. After all, Max is a little dog, and this is a big world. 

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