An Insane Past

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Jerry Allen has been the last man on the planet for years. He claims to have a way to travel back in time and fix things; but there's only one issue: are his claims true, or has his time alone driven him completely mad? You decide.

Submitted: February 24, 2015

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Submitted: February 24, 2015



The time machine is finished! Thirty long years of work, but it's finally finished! At last, I can have her back in my arms again. My sweet Eva...I love you. You're the only one I've ever cared about. I had invented those Destroyal Drones for us. For us, Eva. We were supposed to be millionaires, travel the world, live happily. Of course the drones had to screw me over though. They killed every one. One defect in their coding...and now the entire human race is gone. I could care less about everyone else. But I just can't live without you. Three long years alone, and you're still all I think about. Bird! Oh hello there Mr. Bird. We can be friends...WAIT! Don't leave, please. Anyone there!? Oh wait...yes! The time machine is finished! How could I forget!? I'm coming, Eva. I just wish I could find Landon. He's my spider and my best friend. Spiders are terrible friends, but I love it when they bite. HAHAHA! Stay focused, Jerry.

Ok...ok...ok, now where was I. Just set the dial to October 7th, 2027...or was it 2028? It all started with President Montgomery. He wanted to keep me from you, my love. That's why I had to create the Destroyal Drones. That son of a bitch, Montgomery. These voices in my head won't stop talking, but I like it in a weird way. I'm not crazy at all....NO, definitely not. It was 2028, I'm positive now. It was the day that you wore that stunning, red dress. Oh...the red dress, I'd do anyting to take it off. The first time I came on a little strong...but I've learned from my mistakes. I've thought about how I would ask you out for twenty long years. Damn these terrible voices, shut the fuck up! She does love me....she does! I don't need any of you, irritating bastards, now that my machine is done. President Montgomery better not ruin this. He didn't think I was good enough to date you, but I'll show him this time. Eva, why do you say that? You always try to start arguments over nothing. We both know he's all that's holding us back from being together. I know he's your father, but it's either him or me. I knew you would choose me! I love you too, Eva. So it's settled. I'll come back to 2028, kill your father, and we can live together forever. You know, you spiders really tickle a lot. HaHa! Stop! I'll just pour this ice cold bucket of water on myself. long spiders! Ahh, that feels fantastic. Goodbye little spiders! Just make sure you look both ways before crossing the bridge!

Oh Eva, I wish I could have you in my arms again. I know...I know; last time they attacked me as soon as I hugged you and then they tasered me. Why do you always have to fucking bring that up!? Can we ever just have a normal conversation without you ruining it with your negative comments? It's ok. I forgive you, just don't keep making those comments, or else. My face feels like jello. It's squishy. I hate how things turned out. We should be running the world right now, but your father had to ruin everything! How did no one else see it coming? He was a spy the whole fucking time. You know...I did my best to help. The entire planet was enslaved for the first time in history. I could've saved the world, if it wasnt for that one coding malfuntion! The drones were only supposed to kill the superiors, not every single person besides me! I'm so lonely. Without you, I would probably just kill myself. It's odd being the only one here, well, at least the only human. The crocodiles usually keep me company, but they always want sex. I know I'm a catch, but please, ladies, I already have a woman! Sick fucks, I'm sorry about them Eva. Hmmm that red dress. You looked so beautiful the day I saw you in person. It may have been brief, but it was the greatest moment of my life. We were so in love. We still are! Right? Oh, another bird! I enjoy your company Mr. Bird, but you're perched right on the time machine. It's not quite finished yet, so be careful. What? What do you mean it's finished? You and all the other birds finished it for me? That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Thank you guys, sorry if I tear up a bit, this just makes me so happy. You even set it to October 7th, 2028 for me. You guys are the best friends a guy could ask for. Well, I guess I better head back to kill Montgomery. I've got one bullet in the sniper, so let's hope I'm a good shot! Goodbye Mr. Birds. Goodbye crocodiles. Goodbye Freddy. Goodbye maggots living in my shoe. Goodbye Mr. Birds. Well, that's everyone, I think. Let me just press this button I come Eva! AHHHH! Can't...Stop....Spinning! Uggghhhh! Ow! Breathe in, breathe out.

Is it...Is it over?  Oh my, it worked! I'm insanely dizzy, but It worked! This is incredible! So many different memories are being sparked! So many smells! This is the day my love! I know where I am. Twenty long years, but I still remember. I'm in Salvino Park. There are so many more trees, it's beautiful! Shhh...I hear people. Not you voices, but real life people! Oh Eva, I'm so excited to see you. That red dress gets me so turned on every time I think about it. I'm coming as fast as I can! Let me think, where was your dad standing the last time? Think....think....fucking think! Ahhhh! Wait, I remember! I need to station myself south of the stage to get a clear shot. This is so exciting, Eva! HaHa! Where do you want to go first? Egypt? Paris? Australia? Shut the fuck up! She does love me now just go back to sleep! These voices drive me crazy, but they keep me company. Can't live with em', can't live without em'. HaHaHa! It's so fucking loud in the past! It's like instruments are being played directly in my ear. This is unbearable! Ugh, let's just get this assasination over with so we can finally be together. I know you've never met me in person, but you'll see, our love is so strong. I've been obsessed with you ever since your father ran for president. It's funny, for about ten years I've had a room that is solely used as a shrine for you. I just know that if I feel this strongly about you, then you must feel the same about me! Ah Eva, people are just so jealous of our love. Why does everyone I pass stare at me so strangely? You all act like you've never seen a nude 70 year old man before! Fucking hoodlums. Well, here's the building. Ugh, 13 flights of stairs!? I'm too old for nonsense like stairs. I'll do it though. Just for you, Eva. Mr. Bird would love the view up here. Is that a green fox!? Can it speak?'s just a plant in a vase. I'm not crazy, right Eva? Shut the fuck up, Paul... I wasn't talking to you. That's it Paul! I'm cutting off my left ear. Don't try to apologize now you son of a bitch! You've been getting on my case for the last 4 years, and I'm sick of it! I'm using the razor blade by the way instead of the knife. HaHa! I just want you to have a slow punishment to think about what you've done. 1....2....AHHHHHHH!!!!! Ow! Ow! Yes! Oh, yes!! Ohhh! Goodbye Paul, we'll all miss you. We had our good times, but, for the most part, you were an irritating asshole. Everyone say, bye Paul. Bye Paul! Now, back to work. Let me just set up my my get into position to shoot....brush off the spiders....aim....and wait.

Eva! you are. The red dress, oh how I love the red dress. I couldn't resist your beauty last time. That's why I ran on stage. Oh, I still remember it like it was yesterday. You had such fear and confusion in your eyes, but I could feel our love surge when I wrapped my arms around you. Maybe if your stupid president dad wasn't so jealous of our love, he wouldn't have called his men to attack me. Fuck him! Right!? Ok good, I'm glad we're on the same page. I know it must be hard, considering he's your dad and all. Don't feel bad though. He's a spy who will enslave the entire world in 5 years, which will inevitably lead to the entire human race being destroyed by the Destroyal Drones that I'll build! HaHaHa! Wait..wh...what happened here? There's blood running down the side of my face.'s gone. Who fucking did this!? I know what's going on here...Paul! You've been working with Montgomery this whole time, haven't you!? It all makes sense now. You're very intelligent Paul, but I'm just a few steps ahead of you. There you are, Montgomery. You evil bastard. We'll settle this later, Paul. I've got you right in my aim. Just stay still...focus...and...BOOM! HaHaHaHa! HA! Die Montgomery, Die!

We did it, Eva! It's done! Twenty years of waiting to be with you and I finally killed him! This is the happiest moment of my life! What's wrong? I thought you'd be happy, why are you screaming and crying? Eva? Can you hear me down there!? Hey! No! You can't take her! She's mine! Can you fuckers hear me shouting down there!!! Hey! Up here you pieces of shit! Don't worry Eva, I'll save you. I see you secret service motherfuckers pointing your guns at me! You want to shoot me!? I just saved the entire human race from slavery and possibly extinction! So how about you bitches show some gratitude and give me my Ev-. Ahhhh! Ugh! You shot me right in the chest! Is it cold in here guys, or is it just me? Oh no, I...I think I'm dying. All that blood on the floor, that's from my body. My time here has come to an end. I'm sorry Eva. The light is just so bright. The light fades, and I feel greater than I ever have. The trees, the grass, the sky...everything is absolutely perfect. Where am I though? The flat surface of this lake is crystal clear. The water reflects my image just as efficiently as a mirror. My body, my skin, my hair, it's all like it was when I was younger. Oh my, can this be? My love, Eva, you're here! Where's your red dress? This is the greatest moment of my entire life. I knew we would be together one day. You're all I ever wanted, and you never even knew I existed, until now.

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