A True Story

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A true, amazing story about adoption.

Submitted: February 02, 2016

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Submitted: February 02, 2016



It happened a long time ago, before I was even here,

A woman had a choice to make, to which the answer was not clear,

She was going to have a baby, her very first, you see,

But for her there was a choice, and she didn’t know what it’d be,

She was too young to keep it, to give it proper care,

And she knew her heart would not allow, for her to leave him there.

She put him up for adoption, even though it broke her heart,

And although she had to say goodbye, she loved him from the start.

That was twenty-three years ago, and now things are different and new,

The woman now has four more kids, ranging from eight to twenty-two.

But every year, when his birthday came, the woman would cry for her son,

And no matter how her kids tried to comfort her, he would still be the first one.

She talked about him often, of how she wished she could change the past,

But that everpresent grief and mourning, she found, was never destined to last.

Finally the day came, and here they are today,

Rooted in a love that will never, ever stray.

Reunited, mother and son,

A bond that could never could be bought or won.

He’s funny and smart, a guy unlike any other,

And Gary, I sure as heck am proud, to have you as my brother.

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