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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A cowboy and inventor fighting together.

One day Frederick Gonzales left Austin, Texas to go to Ireland but he didn’t know what was about to hit him…




In the sky over the ocean was City 51 and in the middle of the town was the Inventor’s tower of inventions. He was a caring fellow and so nice he gave robotic friends to some kids that have none. He locks his door every day after curfew just in case. But one day he was thinking about going on vacation to a nearby place which was Ireland.  The inventor said to a kid that was about to see him “sorry but I’m taking a vacation” with his key on his table in the tower.


“By boat and land with a crew of men” sang by Frederick a cowboy from Texas and the crew on the cargo boat. So he went down to the beer and wine shack and the crew on the cargo boat. So he went down to the beer and wine shack to find men sleeping on the floor and one with a letter and dagger. Frederick decided to open it foolishly and saw his name on a killing list and everyone else’s name was crossed off. He knew he had to take the dagger and find a life raft. He ran for a boat when suddenly a man came around a corner and put a dagger to his neck. “Why me?” with, Frederick, pulling his dagger from behind him and stabbed the man and got in the boat. Cutting the rope and men coming from every corner and a hooded men controlling the water.


The inventor was in Ireland shore in a wooden house looking out the window watching the storm came in and everyone told when he sees too big of a wave to get to the bunker. But he only saw light slashes into the shore and some fishes and whales getting air. Then he sat down and enjoyed some green tea and toast watching the news and inventers (weekly show) he saw some weird and cool inventions but mostly stupid inventions like the dog washer and cat strap he knew one of his inventions could turn there’s into dust. Then he heard a knock on the door “just a minute” opening the door he saw a wet cowboy named Frederick with a dagger.

“I am Frederick”

“Inventor, come in, come in”

“Inventor who?” 

“Just the inventor, so what’s the story?”

“Whole story?”

“Just to know each other”

“My parents died when I was a boy, by men. I was sad all the time then when I was 13 I wanted to find them…”


“Yes please. I had a dog named max, then I left him because there was too big of a drought in Austin, Texas, there’s a lot of water here though.”

“Too much?”


So the inventor told why he was here and they drank tea for an hour. Then they walked to the docks and watched the cargo ship pull in.

“Oh no, let’s go.” With no time to talk they ran into the house and Frederick said “we need to hide some were, now!”


“That person can control water.”


“Trust me!” with Frederick pulling out his dagger and waiting for him to come in. Someone knocking on the door, Frederick stupidly opening the door. With water hitting him flinging him out the window and into the back yard. The inventor searching his crate and trying to hide finds a remote and pushes the button. A mechanical roar comes from the distance. “Never thought I would need you” said the inventor with every one looking. The water man punches the inventor and says in a heavy voice “What have you done?” A mechanical dragon comes and starts breathing frost, freezing the water. “You can’t beat him, no one can.” Says the inventor taking the kitchen knife and trying to kill him, but put down to the ground and the knife landing on a trap door. With Frederick escaping and grabbing a horse. “Now what’s your plan?” said the water man.

“To take that hood off to see your face.”

“That’s why you brought a dragon?”


“Then why the dragon?”

“So you can’t hurt anyone ever again”

“I will destroy it then” The dragon freezing every water punch. Than transforming into a rocket and blasting to shore and spreading apart forming into soldiers with frost swords. The waterman running and looking for Frederick in the town. “soldiers.” said the inventor


“We need horses”

“Men” then half of them forming into horses with frost eyes.

“Glad you are A.I and you the deed to work for me for 10 years.”

“We need to tell you something, sir.”

“Not now.”

“Cars are faster”

“But horses look cool”

Frederick running in the police station and trying to tell the police but not one person was in the town. Looking for the phone book and a gun. Couldn’t find ether one so, he rushed for the cells with puddles but nothing but dead prisoners all across the floor. One prisoner left alive jumping from the skylight, breaking glass and landing next to Frederick.

“I don’t kill” said the prisoner



“I know how they died, how did you live?”

“Going up the ladder to the roof”

“Every ones dead?”


“Get to safety”

With the prisoner running for the door and Fredrick on the floor crying. “It’s my fault people are dead!” holding a prisoner in his hands. Going outside with an empty street and looking for the water man but he found him before he can look. “I should of killed you when I killed your parents.” But before he could kill him he froze over with the inventor putting a frost bullet in the water. “Little help please” said by Frederick. With the inventor using his ice sword to cut him down he says “I need to go back to my city how about you?”

“I’ll stay here and run the town”

With Frederick running the town and the inventor going home and finding robot with his fire swords they clash together and…. The rest is you choice.

Submitted: September 30, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Jmcstuffies. All rights reserved.

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