Epic Car Chase

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's the ultimate Cops and Robbers incident . . . with a twist.

Submitted: November 29, 2013

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Submitted: November 29, 2013




As the criminals dashed out of the jewelry store, a black and white Pagani Zonda R was waiting . . . impatiently . . . to strike.

 "We're gonna make a profit man!", one of the criminals remarked as he stepped into the back of the other criminal's Aston Martin with the license plate 'YOLO-SWAG'. 

"You ready Kel?" Kevin asked to his cop buddy. 

"Let's nip these cats" Kel replied as she and Kevin prepared to chase down the criminals.

Off they were, reaching 200 mph in a New York City street cluttered with traffic. The criminals unleashed a spike trap along with rockets towards Kevin and Kel. Kevin whipped the Zonda through the traffic, around the spike trap, and away from the rockets. As the Aston Martin slowly began to pull farther away from the police Pagani, Kevin hatched an idea. 

"Brace yourself," Kevin uttered, "We're going on the highway to the danger zone." 

He steered the million-dollar machine onto the rampway, hit the NOS, and soared across the highway and onto the train tracks beside it.

"I believe we've lost the po-po for now." one of the criminals declared. They continued to drive away to their safe house.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Kel were about to collide with a train.

"It's time I do something I've been waiting a long time to do." Kevin spoke as he ventured closer to the train. "Kel, get the e-brake ready!" Kevin added.

Kel smashed the glass around the e-brake and pulled the lever. At the same time, Kevin used the car's touchscreen to remove the spoiler, adjust the front braking power to 100. He then slammed on the regular brakes, incurring a frontflip by the Zonda to the top of the train.

Kevin readjusted his settings on the touchscreen to the factory defaults, and soared through the air again off the train and onto the buildings along the same road on which the criminals were on.

They landed on building after building, and eventually saw the criminals again.

"I'm jumping down there Kel." Kevin stated.

"It's been nice knowing you, Kev" Kel replied.

Kevin jumped off the Pagani and went through the criminals' windshield.

"Hello," Kevin said to the criminals as he grabbed a criminal's pistol-wielding arm and used it to shoot the driving criminal's brains out.

"Welcome to the land of pain and suffering." Kevin continued.

Kevin bashed the remaining criminal against the dashboard as the Aston Martin was careening out of control. He soon realized the automobile was preparing crash into a gas station. Kevin jumped out of the Aston Martin and watched as it veered through the fuel station and exploded in a gulf of chaos.

Kevin clinched his fist and gave his traditional pointing to the scene. Kel then showed up in the Zonda.

"Are they dead?" Kel asked.

"Oh, they're dead alright," Kevin answered, "As dead as the past."

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