My private hell

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The worst thing I can imagine

Submitted: December 08, 2008

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Submitted: December 08, 2008




Hell. Does it exist?

A fiery place of pain

A realm of darkness, home of despair

Where peace isn't known again


I don't know about that biblical place

That's been feared through history

All I know is a private hell

Where the pain is just for me


In that place my heart is numb

My mind feels bruised and torn

The sense of loss I have inside

Leaves me tired and worn


It's a place where you're not there

Where I face the world alone

Without your light to lead me on

To guide my way back home


I miss your face, your smile, your kiss

Your eyes that drink my soul

The tender touch of your hand on mine

All the things that make me whole


I can conceive of no torment greater

Than your absence from my life

The very thought, even here, right now

Cuts me like a knife


I don't know if Hell exists

I really couldn't say

All I know with certainty is

I fear mine every day


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