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A look at how ruthless Gloom can be..

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012








>>>>With the cold wind blowing in his face this masked "hero" looked off from the building as he heard cries from many of the town folk as he arrived into town. *places his mask on his face which consists of a part of a skull that only shows his eyes and mouth.*As he descends from his perch at the rooftop he hears cries for help in the alley way from a young lady only in her early twenties being hit by some thug in a drunken stupor. As he approached the thug the young lady appeared hopeful as the hope turns to terror as she see his mask with the skull cut up with him holding a revolver in one hand and six inch hooked blade in the other. As he edged closer he says in a deep and low voice whats the problem here....buddy *Raises his blade* and before he could speak he was already at his throat sinking his blade into his jugular blood shooting profusely from the thugs neck as he scales up him slicing deeper in to his throat as the lady shrieks in terror in fear that she may have been pulled out of the flame and into the frying pan as he looks over at her as he leaps from the falling body and lands in front off the damsel. *quivering* The lady says "Are you going to kill me too......" and after staring at her for a solid minute he says if i was going to you'd be dead already. What are you?

For now your savior but for who i am you can call me Gloom... *drops the wanted poster of the thug with the word Gloom written over the mans face multiple times, and then disappears in to the night*


{3 days later...}




>>>> So have you heard of this character I've been hearing about lately?"the bartender said" they call him Gloom... Why do you figure someone would choose a name like that? He continued I figure that maybe its the depressing feeling knowing that you wont come out alive. "a patron said" How do you know people haven't made it out alive i heard about this fine young lady getting saved by the Gloom just two towns over. "The bartender retorted" Yeah but did you hear what happened after?the patron responded".... no?  Well the lady didn't make it home that night, about two blocks down the road she was killed with the same cut around the neck like the man they found earlier that day.


You know what else they say, that people shouldn't be putting so much faith from what they hear from dead people says Gloom as he walks into the bar and sits down *next to the patrons talking about him*

So tell me where did you hear these crazy stories from? Gloom said.*as he begins to laugh and takes one of the patrons shots from his hand and downs it like nothing. The patrons and bartender all stare in shock and amazement of what just happened as all of them are at a loss of words. Well? aren't you going to tell me where you heard these amazing tales of fantasy?.....No? well ok if you gents dont mind ill be off and tosses some coins on the counter and Gloom says this should cover that shot. *gloom walks out of the bar*


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