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Song about a man who has come to terms with the way he's lived his life.

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



"Self Destruct"

(Verse 1)

Well I've seen dark,

And I've seen the light.

I've talked the talk,

And I've fought the fight.

I've been down,

Beyond imagination.

I've felt guilt,

Falling to temptation.


I ain't the richest,

Man in the world.

But I have wealth,

He'll never know.


Lord knows that I've seen,

Better days.

Wonder if I'll ever change,

My ways.

Fallen face first and,

Gotten back up.

Lived my life on,


(Verse 2)

I've let down,

Those closest to me.

Livin' life,

In sin and misery.

Wasted time,

And Broken dreams.

I'm my own,

Worst enemy.


(Verse 3)

Now I'm old,

And all used up.

My selfish ways,

Turned me to dust.

The hour glass,

Can't be flipped.

I've made my bed,

I'll lay in it.

(Pre-chorus, Chorus, Chorus, Outro)

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