The Night We Died

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A man finds out he's been deceived by his significant other and realizes there's no coming back from it.

Submitted: November 18, 2012

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Submitted: November 18, 2012



"The Night We Died"

I went through your texts,

The messages which read.

The way you lied,

On the night we died.


This isn't my first,

You're not my best,

And certainly not my worst.

I thought you were different,

Honest and content.

I'm no better,

But I thought you were,

At least more than me.

I've seen it all before,

History's repeating.


Now I may have pried,

But you're the one that lied.

The night "we" died.

It's over...(repeat 3 times)


How soon do I forget,

You filled the slot,

Of another ruthless cunt,

Who stole my soul.

But you filled a hole,

Completed my grave.

There's also another,

Life we gotta save.


It's her love that's true,

A love we never knew.

And even if you were gone,

She would resurrect you.


I'm helpless,

Blinded by disbelief.

I'm lost,

Left with no relief.

It's my fault,

It's your fault.

It's just the circumstances.

Don't give a second glance.

No more second chances.

It's over...(repeat and fade out)

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