"The Cycle"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This I wrote to rectify an error of mine. This hopefully will explain what the Cycle actually was. Though I didn't explain how Jane broke it, because that will be explained at the end of Destiny's Lake. This also tells the story of Lucifer and how he became the Outcast.... or Fallen.

Submitted: November 18, 2010

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Submitted: November 18, 2010



Dear Readers,

  I hope this explains everything. If not then let me know. But for the most part any questions you have will be answered at the end of Destiny' s Lake. I will fix the story once I've finished it and maybe repost it. But I think this is a better way for the moment. Thanks for sticking with Destiny's Lake for so long. I never imagined it would have so many chapters! And it's not over yet!...^^'



In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void…ect….ect……ect….

In the beginning God created man, but he also created the Elementals. Unlike the humans, Elementals were given charge over the keeping of the Earth, so to them the Father gave each race a Crux. A powerful essence formed into an object for each, as a token of his trust in them. The Geonites, who were disciplined and logical were given the Rock of Ages. They took it and scurried into the deepest caves and found a place to call home. The Auquinei were given the Trident of Torrent and traveled to the oceans and moist lands away from the humans as well. It was only the Alavians, who were given the Sword of Ori, and Infernians who received the Sun Blade, took a shine to the favored children of the Father. (God)

As the humans grew in number and wisdom, the Infernians taught them to harness fire and shape metal, they also encouraged art and music. The Alavian’s mostly protected those who were in danger, and used their glorious visage to inspire men to do what is right in the eyes of God. But as time passed, and the civilizations of humans grew more arrogant, the humans began to take for granted the powers of their Elemental friends. The Infernians drew back, but the Alavian council would not abandon their Father’s favored children. The three leaders. Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer, were determined to guide the humans.

During this time humans began to interbreed with Alavians. Some for love, others to gain power through bloodline. They created the Nephilim. Half breeds who changed the face of the earth, though their immense strength and prowess of wit and extended life span. Even the great Gilgamesh was fabled to be a Nephilim. But all through these hard times, when Man’s greed created things such as war and famine, Gabriel and Michael remained vigilant, while their brother Lucifer grew arrogant with the power bestowed upon him by God.

Lucifer began to see the humans as cattle, beneath him, and corrupted, while he remained pure. He saw the way humans began treating the Nephilim, as beasts of burden or better yet as outcasts, because they feared their power. So he gathered them from across the known lands, and formed them into an army that then laid wasted to the human cities and villages. He destroyed the forges and the remnants of anything man made. The other Elementals saw this and instead of interfering, went to the Alavian council to demand that they stop him.

Gabriel and Michael, his brothers, vowed to stop him by any means necessary. But Lucifer had already begun planning for their arrival. He sent out his army to distract the Alavians, pitting children against their parents, knowing it would slow the fighting enough for him to find and steal the Sword of Ori, the Crux of the Alavians.

Gabriel, the kinder of the three brothers, met with Lucifer first, trying in vain to dissuade his brother to forgo his wicked endeavor. Lucifer killed his own flesh and blood and forever turned from the light. It was then that his wings, that once shone as the brightest morning star, was wrought with darkness, his eyes that were silver as the full moon were swallowed in the shadows.

It was then that Lucifer fled the great Alavian city, and began his quest to find the rest of the Crux. Michael, infuriated and heavy with grief went to the Gate of Eternity and kneeled before it, begging God to smite Lucifer, to put an end to his evil. Of course it wasn’t only Lucifer that was destroying the world. Humans were at war with one another, over fear and panic, but also over wealth and land. God saw this and saw that the world could not survive with so much taint and sin.

Michael’s prayers were answered, but not as he though they would be.

God’s voice resounded and he called to the gate, three other Elementals. And as the four stood there before the voice of God upon the great mountain, each of them received then a mark on their backs. A power that swelled within them that surpassed the other members of their perspective races. And God spoke.

“Go forth my weapons of justice. Go forth my horsemen and deliver my wrath upon the wicked. For this world is heavy with sin, so therefore it is my will that the world be destroyed and remade again. A flood will come upon the earth and wipe clean the stain that has marred it. Gather together the good and just humans and animals. Your brethren will be for the most part spared, this I swear to you. That only the corrupted will die.”

So they went forth, and did as their God, their Father, desired. It was a heavy burden, but one that all four never questioned. Lucifer found out about the proclamation and greatly feared the four horsemen. He experimented on his kind and the Elementals of other races. He grew in strength using unholy, demonic practices, through ceremonies to call upon great spirits from the Ethereal realm. So that when he faced his brother and the three Chosen of the other races, Lucifer had discovered a way to kill them.

In the end the four chosen died. The world was covered in water and Lucifer disappeared from the face of the earth.

When the five races stood before the Gate of Eternity again, extolling God’s wisdom and thanking him for saving his children; God spoke again.

“The cycle must be maintained. When a table is dirty, you must wipe away the crumbs. For every beginning there is an end, and when the end comes again, I will send you Chosen. The world will tremble at my might and will never forget.”

After which God set upon the Alavians a new charge. They were to watch over the humans. A punishment for their apathy when Lucifer rebelled, also in accordance, the Alavian council forbade any further interbreeding between the races.

Humans and Elementals alike waited for the time when the Cycle would come again. When the world would be destroyed and made anew. When man’s evil becomes rampant, when the Elementals become indifferent, then God’s wrath will be felt upon the world.

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