The Pen of Excalibur 2: The First Dance

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Ironically, this is the first Pen of Excalibur, and I wrote it in 1997. I thought it was lost...I thought wrong. I found it today and brushed it up while inviting it into the internet age. It still rock and rolls, and now it is a sequel. I never envisioned this thought fifteen years ago...

Submitted: May 23, 2012

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Submitted: May 23, 2012



The wielding vengeance of Excalibur gleaming

in the hands of a king so eager to unsheathe

piercing steel scribing curdling vehemence

of clotted corrosion which screams about him…

Octopus defense is flowing from an artery within

the blood entwined defiance of liquid black

as it strengthens a voice heaven tenfold exhaling

like a stained seal of surging wraith…

It ignites the candle from the blade singing sparks

with its smoke billowing outward big words to a small world

infiltrating the silence with what was once unknown

behind a mask that shadows living lies sot well…

Escape is always but a narrow retreat through narrow halls

cornering a heart like the prey in a hunt

and a soul lashes back at smog enveloping star shine

sinking bloody teeth deep within storm clouds…

“Now it is my turn!”  The pen bellows in indignation

striving to stash the flesh that protected it

clawing deeper into dark, devilish decadence

spilling the guts of intestinal gore no more…

Throughout the land and to the furthest shore

the truth spreads forth by king and his sword

with the voice of Excalibur held high in hand

sting the world with the sounds of an insolent pen…

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