Suicide, Pain and Fear

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Suicide, Pain and Fear. Some things which everyone can easily relate to.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012






Suicide, Pain and Fear



We are full.  

Full of dreams, emotions, hope and desire.  


From the first sparks of life it seems that our dreams capture and cling onto our minds.

Dreams which occur during the day and during the night.  

As our final breaths are taken our dreams die just as the final ashes flicker away from a cigar.  

These ashes then turn to dust, dust which is blown away making it unworthy to even attempt to catch.  


Of all emotions there seems to be, only two that I recognise: love and sadness.  

However, in no time it seems that this feeling of love turns into sadness causing an insufferable pain.  

At this moment I am an empty vase, full of love, denying the fact that I am just an empty vase with nothing to gain.  

What or who I thought I loved is now gone, taken, leaving me with nothing but pain and suffering as I cry out, "Why have you forgotten me?" yet my cries are being heard less and less.  


"Arbeit macht frei."

Our hopes and desires require work from us to be set free.

Yet as we work alone, depressed and suicidal, there is that vision of hope that keeps us going until we are finally gassed.  

And as our soul is dragged from our bodies our hopes and desires go with it too, even though we thought they were going to last.


We are full. Full of dreams, emotions, hope and desire. And as I listen to the crescendo of my heartbeat's echo against my pillow and shed this tear,  I ask myself, "Shall I be fortunate to wake up in the morning?"  and if I do, "What's the Point?" as I will be left with nothing to fear.  


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