countued off of "Jaden's life"

Status: Finished

countued off of "Jaden's life"

Status: Finished

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countued off of

Script by: jmw95

Genre: Other


Script by: jmw95


Genre: Other



counted off of "Jaden's life"


counted off of "Jaden's life"


Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Narrator- Caleb runs off to get Jackie and tells her the good news and then he goes to talk to her mom and dad why she is in the shower.

(Caleb) can talk to you two of now if that is ok? And Jackie does not know I am here to talk to you!

(Josh) why do you need to talk to us and is this about Jackie and why she was crying…

(Angie) be nice and why do you need to talk to us?

(Caleb) I wanted to talk to you about marrying Jackie if that is ok with you?

(Josh) what you said!?

(Caleb) I am asking if I can tack Jackie and make her mine?

(Angie) I say that would be a…

(Josh) why do you want Jackie to be yours…

(Angie) I think that would be a good thing for her

(Caleb) so can I

(Josh) no

(Angie) I said yes why don’t you we have known him for a long time so that would help the three of them!

(Caleb) she is right you know that I will not hurt her.

(Josh) fine you can if she gets hurt you will not like the ending realists got it

(Angie) that is the josh I know!

(Caleb) thank you

(Josh) your welcome

(Angie) you are welcome and take care of her! Got it?

(Caleb) I will.

Narrator- then Jackie came out of her room and then Caleb got down on one nee

(Caleb) will you marry me?

(Jaden) what did I just walk into?

(Jackie) yes I will marry you!

Narrator- he had put the ring on her finger and then they stared to kiss, Jaden was not happy about what just happened. Three days later she found out that she was caring a little one of them. Jaden didn’t like that they had a kid one the way.

(Jackie) Jaden we need to talk or did Caleb talk to you?

(jaden) no he has not why? did he hurt you?

(jackie) no he didn't but i don't know how to tell you this...

(jaden) just tell me i wont get mad at you!

(Jackie) yes you will get mad at me & Caleb because i... i mean we have a kid on the way i am so so sorry that i let this happen...

(Jaden) well the timing don't add up.

(Jackie) well it had happen before we move to Gahanna schools. i know you are really mad at the both of us but please see the good sideof it all!

(Jaden) what good side that i can't do what i need to do and you two are to young to be having kids but it looks like i can't stop that now can i?

(Jackie) i told you. were going to get mad at us sometimes i wish i never told you things because you are never happy about everything seens your girlfriend that was carring your childed died in a car reack!

(jaden) why did you brining that up...

(Jackie) i am sorry but it is so ture and you know that it is ture. mom & dad are so worried about you because you set out to make sure that i wont get hurt but you know wery well that you can't stop everything from happening. i am really sorry that it had to come up like this but it is ture and you know it! now goodbye! i love you but you need to get help.

Narrator- why Jaden is siting there thinking about what his sister said to him. she was right, but he couldn't say it to her he just wasn't gping to sayit ether! how was he going to do about his sister and his best friend with a kid on the way!

(Jaden) why does all this happen to me and why do i get hurt when all i want to do is stop my sister from geting hurt.

(Caleb) well i gusse she just told you! she is really good to me and i didn't want this to happen

(Jaden) well then you two shouldn't of don'e what you did and did you use a...

(Caleb) do you think i was dum yes i did i brock. not my fult there now is it? oh wait don't answers that.

(Jaden) i love you like a borther and now we are going to be borther inlaws

(Caleb) so you don't care that me and your sister is together? thank you so much. i got to go to work see you to night! bye

(Jaden) bye see you to night.

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