Kurt Cobains Root Beer Can

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Submitted: December 04, 2008

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Submitted: December 04, 2008



The Day Was Mundane,

A boring august day leaves falling and chiily air penetrating his lungs

I guess he got thirsty from having a dry mouth from the dry air

He was A happy man in his youth so I've heard

But all I see of him now is an empty decaying shell

he walked over to the fridge and picked me up

Can number 1,324,562 of barqs root beer

He Sighed and Walked me outside into the backyard Greenhouse.

He Then Proceeded to enjoy two of his remaining pleasure in life

Me, root beer,  And a marlboro red.

his shallow sips and even shallower breaths told me a sad story of a man dying inside

All of my root beer was gone so he stood up, set me on the ground , and put out his cigarette

He casually walked over to a small green boox contaning a used handgun and loaded two rounds in it (looking back i think thats cuz he was so unsure of himself now that he didnt know if he cuold do it right)

he thanked me for always bringing him pleasure, always having the same flavored bevrage, and always being a constant in his life

he grabbed the loaded hand gun and stuck it in his mouth (odd i thought)

He then pulled the trigger and it finally hit me what had happened (turns out he only needed one bullet)

That day was the first day i had felt a frienship, and a place in life for making him happy

But I lost all of that, however Kurt is still my friend in my heart and that will never change

he told me before he died

"I'd rather be dead than be cool"

I think i know what he meant know even though i knew him for such a short time.

I think he is happier now

As for me i cannot die, just rot away slowly with other garbage in a landfill somewhere

But i will always have kurt

I love you kurt

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