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A poem from my teenage self

Submitted: May 28, 2008

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Submitted: May 28, 2008



Those walls

Closing in

Bound me home

And free again

Written words

Unvoiced cries

Terrible truths

Believed as lies

Blood red ink

Or blood itself

Pooled upon

The lower shelf

Smeared by hands

Or maybe tears

Still uncried

For all these years

Come in my room

Dungeon of doom

Ignore the bucket

On the floor

Its full of ashes

Burned eyelashes

To erase

The evidence

Of my heart

Beating hard

Within my chest

I give my all

I try my best

To be like you

The sorry few

Who have

No heart at all

Give me paint

Thick with love

And help me paint

These walls


I can not look


I do not see

Above the floor

Paint my heart

And paint these walls

Paint them black

To match the halls

Mirrored in my image

Cracked and

Falling down

Catch the glass

In mid-flight

Turn your eyes

From my plight

Burdened down

And beaten

My heart is close

To freezing

So paint the walls

And paint my heart

Paint it black

And call it art.

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