_Goodbye my love_

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Girl's life is boring till she sees this guy. They play games with each other. Knowing they like each other, but then purposely make each other jealous by kissing other people. Then all goes to dismay.

Submitted: July 22, 2009

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Submitted: July 22, 2009



Same shit different day
till I saw your smile
then everything went to dismay
It was the type of smile I hadn't seen in a while
It was charming, and oh-so-perfect
with that one sided dimple glaring
That gives me that giddy-school-girl affect
Then I catch you staring
I look at you
and then you look away
Is that type of game you want to pursue?
Then that's fine, because I'm ready to play
You kiss her, I kiss him
I yell at you, you yell at me
I'm filled with anger it brings me to the brim
Till everything piles over, and I beg and plea
For everything to stop
Why did we start these games?
You almost made me pop
Now everything is going up in flames
We have to put them out, but how?
We both struck the match
I was having fun up until now
I'm in for a rematch
It was both our faults don't you see?
You initiated, but I could've said no
You belong with me, don't you agree?
We should have taken it slow
We went too fast, now I'm breaking
My heart is shattered
Now I'm finally waking
I see you never really mattered
You never were really there
I'm better off this way
Baby, you were undeniably unfair
The way you thought everything was okay
You loved yourself
Way more than me
All I did was cheat myself
Without you better off I'll be
I just wish I could have seen it before
Now I do, so goodbye my love
I hope you know, you ripped my heart to the core
Now, I can't believe you're once the one I thought the world of

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