Daddy's girl Forever

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I'm a Daddy's girl, very very much so, and for his birthday, or next holiday... any excuse to give this to him, I wrote him this poem... and he's sitting right beside me too right now, but he doesn't even know it. Enjoy! A little insight into my softer side. Rather than all the angst, and love games like before.. Read & comment!

Submitted: July 31, 2009

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Submitted: July 31, 2009



I love you Daddy

I love you more than you know

Even though, sometimes it doesn't show

I love that you gave me my name

and were always there for every game

I love that you're hard on me

even if I beg and plea

I love that were one in the same

and I don't even think that's kind of lame

You have no idea, of what you mean to me

I even loved, when you used to call me “Pumpkin Belly”

I love, what you have given, said, and done

I love that you always tell me to “get a move on”

Oh, and I know, that you know me to the Tee

I also know, that you know you'll always be there for me

I love how we gang up on Mom

even if, it's like dropping a bomb

I love how you gave me your humor, sarcasm, and laughter

and I hope you're still here to bring me up to the alter

Oh, and you just said I love you better

and you're right beside me as I write this letter

I'm a Daddy's girl, and definitely know it,

you even helped me drive, when I got my learners permit

You are the best Dad, anyone could ask for

and that's not something you should ignore

Because it's true, and I'm not just saying that

even if sometimes I act like a brat

I always mean well

But, I'm not going to dwell

Because the point is, is that I love you Daddy

and that's all that has ever mattered

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