Only If He Knew... I Was Born 2 Be Different!!

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When Daddy's Little Girls goes bad.

Submitted: August 23, 2013

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Submitted: August 23, 2013



Only If He Knew... I Was Born 2 Be Different!!

Care?? You ask… Yea I do, I care more than you would ever know.

Being young & stupid in a world you call your own,

With no role of life other then living & walking it,

Is how you could’ve probably labeled me

Wanting it and having it all at the same time

Saying to myself “Damn I care but fuck it

I’ll worry about it tomorrow”

Gave me the only one way to learn…

In and out of life…THE HARD WAY!!!

But change, change u say… huh if only u knew…

How can I change when even though my

Tables have turned I still sit in the same position

My craziest, untamed, foolish ways had

Made me who I am today…

So why, why go by the rules of life

Why go by what you and everyone else Thinks is right??

No one as felt what I’ve felt

I’ve walked my own footprints with only my shadow by my side

It’s been my sufferings, my cries, & only my agony,

That had me looking for a better tomorrow

So at the end of the day… it was only my pain

“It’s hard, very hard to know what I had,

When I had it, & at the end what I made it out to be…

So the only thing I could tell you

Is thank you, thank you for giving me half of you

For replacing money with ordinary love

For halfway smiles, halfway talks, & for what I thought

Was real & genuine was just an obligation to you

Thank you for shutting me down at the most

Darkest & weakest moment of my life

Because all it did was made me stronger

But I ask

How dare you judge me like you God

When all I am is a reflection of you

How dare you say, “When I’m done being bad

I’ll give her a call”.  Meanwhile I was

In an empty room with only walls to talk too

How dare you “DAD” when I’m half of you

You just walked away even after hearing my cries

& pain through a hurtful voice and still no cares

How dare you once called yourself

“My hero, my savior, daddy’s Lil Girl.”

When most of my life all I heard was a voice

& When you was there half of you wanted to be somewhere else

We all make mistakes, some big, some small,

& Other’s straight crazy…

But as we all know at the end we live and we learn

At least you could’ve given me that much

So Yeah…

No need to change me and no need for pity either

Adjust, adjust what?? When I was born to be different


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