A Mind's Confession

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A 21 year old's subconscious speaks to her. Also my entry for Tallenge Short Story Contest #33.

Submitted: October 01, 2012

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Submitted: October 01, 2012



“I really am tired of you.  21 years of listening to your thoughts!”She looks at her.  Exact images, nearly twins.  There’s one, who seems to be in a hostage state under captivity.  The other, angry.  The bound one seems not to notice the room’s odd shape.  It’s a small room.  However, mirrors at odd angles drastically redefine the size.  The room shape is a whole other story.  No angles are the same and the overall shape is imperfect and jagged. The room is grim but still has an average amount of color.

“I see the way you judge your peers.  And yes, incest is very wrong!  I haven’t much of a chance to tell you any of this because you ignore me!  I own the intuition.  You own the stupidity.”  The angry one seems to be breaking down mentally.  Some colors of the room are fading.  Through a hexagonal window, the sun is setting.

“Enough is what I’ve had.”  The angry ones falls into a depressed-like state and is nodding in thought.  “But you see, as easily as you can kill me, I can kill you.  It will be a suicidal murder, but it’s worth it.”

The room is gray and slightly dimmer.  The bound one seems to glow.  “I hope you’re ready.  It will be painless, although I think you don’t deserve that.” She seems to get sick.  Growing pale, the angry one falls and closes her eyes.  The room fades quickly to black.  The bound one, little by little, loses her glow until the room is pitch black..............

In the bed, lay she.  The puzzled look on her face is gone and now only a calm yet lifeless face takes place.  She is forever stuck in the dream state.

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