Alien Nightmare

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This is one of my nightmares I've had recently and the alien in this looks like the aliens from Alien. No I haven't watched it recently.

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



This dream was odd. There were two sections and for some reason they were like movies. Like a live movie airing as it was recording and it was from my point of view. Anyway here goes: I watched from behind the black pipes as one of the alien's claws spun quickly like on a motor then drilled into him. I didn't know his name. But it seemed extremely painful. ---------------------------------- I'm now in a backyard which apparently my family owns in this dream. My mom, brother, and I are sitting on the patio which is lowly fences in with a light wood. My mom is knitting (which is odd because she never does in reality) and my brother reading quietly. The grass in our backyard is soft and green and in the center is a pool with water an elegant blue. \"so where have you been lately?\" my mom asks. I must've been gone a while somewhere. Flashback ~~ this part looks oddly like a video game. The head of the alien fills the screen and at the top is the title 'Boss: Bobbi'. My health bar is listed to the left and the boss' on the right. For some reason my heart rate increases rapidly. I must actually be in the alien's head even though I have a different view. The alien growls and stops when my character, or I, turn red. I move around and instructions are telepathically sent to my mind. I must go into the brain. So I do gradually whenever I turn red. It's like a scary version of red light green light. The screen explodes and turns white. ~~ \"umm yeah\" i say. Did she not know I killed something nearly impossible to kill? A deep rumbling echoes in the distance. It grows louder and closer at a rapid speed. Suddenly a very large alien is in or backyard. My brother yells and it takes a while for what's going on to finally hit my mom. Her face immediately then fills with shock. \"that's what I've been doing!\" I yell. It doesn't help nor does it make anything worse. For some reason in my mind I think water is its weakness. I run in front of it and I'm so pumped with energy and so scared at the same time, my stomach flip flops. I almost cry when I see how stupid I am. I carry on with what I planned to do. I run and launch myself into the pool. The alien follows. I reach the end of the pool and scramble out and see my mom and brother have run inside. The alien is in the pool and has a turned a gray color along with the now extremely dirty water. It doesn't seem to be dying. -------------------------------- I'm now in my room along with the family and we are casually talking while glancing down at our electronics to see if anything has received any notifications. Suddenly our cat hisses loudly and then again. A small version of the alien comes out from under my bed. It wants to kill me. I realize this out of nowhere and I grow frightened. It grows a little bigger for more power. I scoot back and it raises a claw. It takes a large swing at me and I roll out of the way. My family isn't in the room anymore and everything grows darker. I want to scream but for some reason I won't let myself. ------------------------------------------ I'm now just searching the web on the computer and then get tired of it. I get off the computer and walk to my room. I've been keeping my doors closed at all times because I felt like it. I hesitate before opening the door. I remembered what happened earlier. I turn the knob and walk in expecting the worst. Nothing is there. I sigh and lay down on my bed because I am tired. I convince myself there's not a thing to worry about and the alien has left my room. I close my eyes and start to relax. Suddenly my cat hisses. I didnt remember her being in here. I sit up and there's my cat. Right next to the alien. -------------------- I'm actually awake now and it's time to start my day.

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