Bullets and Copters

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An agent goes in to rescue her partner from the enemy's facility.

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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Submitted: April 11, 2012



The ground shook vigorously, more intense than the last time.  Whimpers sounded from my gagged, blindfolded, and tied partner.  My fingers fumbled about the tight knot in the back.  The knot loosened and I pulled it apart then took the cloth off her eyes and out of her mouth.

\"Almost there,\" I whispered as I pulled out a short knife and started to sever each rope.  As I untethered her right ankle, a knife zoomed toward me, and I ducked in time for it to pass over my head and sink into the wall.  I yanked it out and used it instead.

A figure came into sight and I took my other knife and poised it at him or her.

\"Thought it might work better,\" she said nodding at the hand working on my partner.  I recognized her.

\"I thought you had died,\" I said.  She told me to find my partner as she stuck in the hail of gunfire..

\"Nice greeting.  Anyway, You've got men coming up the stairs now and they'll have guns locked on you from the balcony in around a minute.  I suggest you leave soon.\"  You could hear feet shuffling and it was becoming thunderous.  I went back to cutting my friend free.

As I cut the last rope, i turned around to see if she was there and found she was gone.

The first bullets started firing just as I reached the door.  I rotated the handle and it clicked signifying it was open.  The doors were quite heavy and has much resistance to most likely prevent escapes.

More gunshots were let loose.  A warm liquid splattered on my calf and she yelped.  Pain was plastered on her face.  She linked her arm around my shoulders for support and I let her.  I walked and she stumbled out the door.

The facility on the outside was a near black, but the color was the intimidating theme throughout the building.  We were on a metal platform with a descending ramp in front of us.  We made our way down as quickly as we could.  She started digging her nails into me to fight through the pain.  If she was complaining, I certainly wouldn't.

Our feet hit the thin dry crass and we made our way back to the trees.  I let her sit down and lean against a tree as i called the helicopter by pushing the order of buttons on my walkie-talkie.

The whirs of the copter let us knkow it was approaching.  It was above us now and a few hooks dropped from the sky.  We attached them to our jumpsuits and held onto the cable as we were pulled upward.

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