Contagious Contemplation

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well, i was bored in class, and i like to be creative so i just went with it. First time writing, just thought i'd wing it.
I want to get some feedback, im only 15, and if you knew me youd think i was the last kid to ever write some poetry haha.
The poem explains itself, if you want some help with meaning then ask.

Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012



Self deprivation and apathy have imbed in his head

it evaporates any motivation or courage to quit laying in bed

A loose cannon, his confidence dangling by a thread

Like a one armed boxer taking to many blows to the head

Or stuck in an endless sea, without strength left to tread


But how could you blame him, though he may seem pathetic

All his life he's been built up, to combust to confetti

and to go through that again, he does'nt think he'll ever be ready.


So he'll just lie there, motionless,let his body erode and decay

with an ocean of emotions, but no words to say....

to describe the magnitude of what he thinks he may do.


He's been kicking around the idea now for what seems like forever

and has finally worked up the energy to attempt a desperate endeavor

He's tried to make things better one last time

and two last times he had died.


He wonders if in his absence anybody would cry

I guess he'd look down and see, once he brutally snaps a branch off the family tree

He felt lonely as could be, cause he was so caught up in the moment he couldnt look up and see me

Could'nt realize that the water he had been treading was only knee deep

I guess when he relieved himself his demonds possesed me

It must be a sign, he's telling me it makes things easy

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