Dead at Home

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You wish to join your loved ones and I will lead you there.

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



It is silent except for the soft wind that blows. You look upon the grim gravesite wishing you could be with the rest. You don't like your new way of life. It is too far from civilization.

You walk past bodies and half burned down houses. Nothing is left at your house. Except for a soulless family who stares blankly ahead. It is dead at home. Not one flower. Not one hint of life before the forest. Only you exist.

There is no one to talk to. Nothing pretty to look at. No one to comfort you. You want to join the others but it is not right to kill oneself. It is not your life to take.

There is no stress in this world of yours. Only grief and unbearable pain.

Near tears like any other day you slump on the ground and look into the forest. The trees are tall and slim making it not much of an effort to see through the forest. But not all the way.

A small light appears but you conclude it must only be a firefly. I see you and you are not moving. I wave my light aroundhoping not to catch a tree on fire. You get up and appear to be moving closer. I know we both want to see our people again and i am going to help.

We reach each other and you look happy. You open your mouth to speak but i tell you not to. I bring you deep into the forest and stop. I light up many of the trees around us then toss my dangerous toy to the ground. You are frightened but i nod hoping to reassure you and you nod back. I take your hand and wait to be received by death.

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