Impossible Escape

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Escaping the island is hard, but is it impossible?

Submitted: April 05, 2012

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Submitted: April 05, 2012



I was breathing hard and my heart pounding so hard it might as well had jumped through my chest.  Bullets ricocheted off nearby trees causing me to flinch almost every time.  I ran into the brush, knife in hand but how smart is it to have a knife in a gun fight?  Every agonizing second passed by waiting for my attackers to appear.  A twig snapped behind me and I whirled around but no one was there.  I slowly slid the knife into my pocket and ever so carefully turned around.  A gun was waiting for me.  The bullet desperately needed to kill someone.  I fingered my knife and after much too long, shoved it in the man’s stomach.  It was so dark no color was visible but the gushing liquid was obviously blood.  I grabbed the gun and shot it upward.  I ran with a horrid weapon in hand.

I finally got to the edge of the island and hurled the gun into the endless sea.  I ran along the shoreline in the general direction and where I hoped the boat was.  The boat was there and so was my partner.  “Ready?” I whispered.  No reply.  I got into the boat and looked at her.  She was dead.  And for a while too.  Two gun shots fired.  Warm blood trickled down my back.  My knees gave in and I coughed up blood.  One more shot.  My head ached and blackness started to surround me. …

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