The white lion.

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This is my first story.

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




I went to a boarding school called “The boys gate”! I hated it there, it was horrible! So I decided to run away I know my parents paid a lot of money for me, but they probably wanted to get rid of me! So at 5:00 p.m. after supper I decided to climb over the gate out of the front yard and jump over the fence and run till I arrived to London where I belonged! I managed it; I climbed over the gate out of the front yard and jumped over the fence!

‘I AM FREE’ I whispered to myself so nobody could hear, I AM FREE! I was running and running till I stopped and looked at a massive house it was so big I couldn’t believe my eyes! As I was looking up I saw the clouds, it was getting dark but there was a bunch of white clouds in the sky. One was shaped as a white lion, it was beautiful. I wasn’t dreaming it, it was real!

‘Boy, can you see the lion?’ whispered a voice! I looked back and I saw an old lady with a very cute white dog! ‘Did you see it, boy, did you, the white lion?’ she repeated again!

‘Yes I did see it mam it’s a lion made out of clouds!’ I whispered to her softly!

 ‘You look lost boy and I’m guessing you have escaped from the boarding school about a mile away!’ she said. ‘Would you like to come in dear?’ she said so kindly!

’Sure!’ I said with a smile on my face. So we both entered the massive house. She owned the massive house!

 ‘What’s your name boy?’ she asked when we went in to her house.

‘My name is Clyde’ I replied very shyly.  

‘Well Clyde would you like some tea?’ she asked as she covered her dog with his blanket.

‘Yes please.‘ I said as I sat on a warm chair near the fire place.

‘Here is your tea Clyde drink it slow its very hot.‘ she smiled . Then the old lady sat down in her chair and drank her tea. ‘Would you like me to tell you a story?’ she asked me as she through a stick into the fire place.

 ‘Okay, go on what’s it about?’ I asked curiously.

‘It’s about that white lion you saw earlier’ she said mysteriously.

‘Oooohhh… sounds interesting ‘, I said with a smile on my face.

‘Well it all started from here I was 20 years old not many years ago hehehe…’ she laughed as she said that. ‘I went to South Africa to see the wonderful zoo everyone was talking about. It was in Johannesburg, that’s where the amazing zoo was.

‘WOW you went to a zoo all the way in Johannesburg that must have been amazing?’ I asked amazed

‘It was splendid!’ she said. ‘I went to the zoo the 1st day I arrived to South Africa! When I arrived at the zoo the first animal I wanted to see was a lion, the white lion, I rushed and rushed through all the crowds to go and see the white lion! When I arrived at the lion area I saw two lions and a baby white cup I got to stroke it and feed it his name was Bertie ,Bertie the white lion I took so many pictures of him maybe later I could show you.’ She said. ’That lion was beautiful I fell in love with that lion the first time I saw it! When I stroked its fur the lion started to lick me, it was such a sweet cub!‘ as she said caring on her story. ‘The zoo keeper was amazed how much I loved the lion! I asked him if he could take pictures of me and the lion and he took lots of pictures. I spent lots of time with this unique lion!’ she told me. ‘Well I only go to spend two days in South Africa so I decided to go shopping , but when I went shopping the only thing I could think of was Bertie the white lion.’ She said. ‘Well I love South Africa I wish I could go there again!’ she smiled to me as she said that. ‘Anyway that’s why I bought a white fluffy dog because it reminds me of Bertie!’ she said. ‘You should go to bed now and where would you like to go tomorrow?’ she asked me.

 ‘Well I want to go to London at my grandparents’ house where I belong!‘ I said.

‘Wonderful I will drive you to London tomorrow go to bed upstairs in the spare room!’ she said. ‘GOOD NIGHT CLYDE ‘ she said.


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The white lion.

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