Inspiration of a Lifetime

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A man finds his path in life.

Submitted: May 02, 2012

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Submitted: May 02, 2012



I was sitting on a Bench in the park minding my own business. Trying to find some way to gain the inspiration and motivation I need to write a new story. It wasn't going very well, there were distractions everywhere. The sound of kids laughing as they played on the swings directly infront of me. A dog who seems to have lost its master wandered the surrounding area. Birds chirping in the trees, but the most distracting event was taking place on the bench to the left of me. It was an old couple having a conversation, I would say they were in there late eighties if I were to guess. There conversation was too interesting to tune out. It wasn't what they were saying that caught my attention, but how they said it.

They spoke to each other with love unlike any I've herd before. The kind of love you can only experience after spending a lifetime together. They held eachothers hand softly and gently, the women's head laid on the man's shoulder and he kissed it softly. This couple got me thinking about my life, I wanted to experience that level of love. That tenderness and compassion between myself and another that nobody else will ever understand. I wanted children, family, love. Up Untill this point I never understood why I existed. Thinking that I was put on this earth to tell a story, when in reality I was put here to live a story. One that is more amazingly then anything I could write. I stood up and quickly ran to my car, and drove faster then I ever have before. Because now, I had a mission. One that will inspire me for eternity.

I arrived at my girlfriends house, heart beating faster then I ever imagined possible. I used my key and walked in, she was surprised. Today was supposed to be our day apart. I didn't say anything, just walked up towards her. Put my hands around her waist and pulled her close. Placing my forehead against hers and closing my eyes. I then spoke, softly but just loud enough so that she could hear me.

\"I love you, with all of my heart and soul. I wanna spend ever waking second with you, grow old and have kids. Your all the inspiration I'll ever need. Will you marry me?\"

She said yes.

I love you desire! This was for you. :)

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