Trip to the Movies

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A mans over the top experience wile trying to see a movie.

Submitted: May 01, 2012

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Submitted: May 01, 2012



Going to the movies,
Waiting in line.

To get my ticket,
Sure to be mine.

The man in front,
Ripped some ass.

The women behind,
Also passed gas.

What did I do,
To deserve this.

It was nasty,
And smelt of fish.

Bought my ticket,
Making my way in.

Next thing you know,
Stabbed by a pin.

It was some boy,
Some little mutt.

Took him by the hair,
And punched his gut.

He fell to the floor,
I started to grin.

Begun to walk away,
Got shot in the shin.

Fell to the floor,
Blood everywhere.

It was the boys mother,
With crazy red hair.

They walked away,
Pain shot up my leg.

Crawled to the concession stand,
And began to beg.

Had no money,
But wanted a drink.

He shook his head,
And told me to think.

Reached over the counter,
And pulled his shirt.

Got punched in the face,
Which really hurt.

I was still thirsty,
Everyone had a drink.

I took out a knife,
And saw a women in pink.

Limped towards the women,
To rob her blind.

A guy puts me in a headlock,
Now I was really in a bind.

He squeezed harder,
Untill he herd a snap.

Now I was dead,
With pants full of crap.

That is my story,
It was rather rough.

No more movies for me,
I've had enough.

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