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Simone is a recently widowed mother, dealing with the murder of her husband. Her family is receiving death threats over money he owed, but Simone is unmoved. She is a strong Christian woman who knows that God is her protector. Can she survive without the help of protective custody and rely on her faith?

Submitted: August 13, 2014

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Submitted: August 13, 2014



Chapter 3


Deangelo and Simone talked for the ride to the waterfront for the concert. Reconciling their renewed friendship and even had a light dinner before arriving. Simone finally eased up, her nervousness gone, and she relaxed taking in her surroundings. Simone knew that God had her and that she was in good hands. Deangelo wasn’t no bad guy and he was the most sweetest guy she knew; plus they went to grade school together. They have learned so much about each other and laughing with other on the 45 minute drive to Southwest DC where the concert was held. Little did Simone know that she was going on the Odyssey of Washington and this was the surprise that Deangelo had for her. He pulls up at the Spirit of Washington and parks there, as he exit the driver side down, he comes around to open the passenger door and she relaxed, taking his hand and allowing him to guide the way. She stopped in her tracks when she looked up and seen that they were at the Spirit of Washington. “I haven’t been here in like forever. This place is so nice and I love the atmosphere.” She looked at him with amusement and then continued to follow him inside the boat.


“Desiree, girl I had no idea, this was the place they were bringing us.” Simone said once they were inside and she spotted Desiree and Tony. “Hey Simone, I know girl I was totally shocked when we pulled up in front,” says Desiree. “Girl, he didn’t park in front, he went toward the where the club H2O used to be at. I looked like oh this where we going, but then I just let him lead and I looked up again. I haven’t been here in years and I love this place. Elegant and classy. Simone speaks so fondly and interested.


They were all seated toward the stage and then they started to enjoy themselves and laughing, talking and just having fun. Simone started to share her plans as far as the businesses she owns and how she plans on departing from one. Desiree is looking into falling her life passions and focusing on her many talents that God gave her. As for the guys they were just astonished with them and just listening and learning so much for the women they became to like very much. As the concert started, Simone was really amazed when she realized that it was a concert of gospel and two of her favorite gospel artists were there to perform. Yolanda Adams, and James Fortune & FIYA. They were amazing.


Deangelo had another nice surprise for her and she followed his lead. It was a very nice surprise for her, she was able to meet her favorite gospel artist after the show and her heart had warmed for him in this special way. After the introductions, they headed for the door, and bid farewell to her best friend and her date.

On the ride back to her home they talked a little more and then was more silent on the nights activities. “I really enjoyed myself, thank you for this night.” Simone thanked him and just smiled to her as she feels really lucky. As he pulled up into her driveway, it was him who wanted to open the door for her and which he did, and walked her to her door. “I hope we could do this again soon. I had fun and it was amazing.” He said as she unlocked and stepped inside the door. She then looked at him in her eyes and she feel a tingling feeling she hasn’t felt since her husband. She enjoyed the moment and then she let him kiss her lightly on the cheek and they embraced in a hug and she closed her door looking away smiling. She looked around and everyone was sound asleep, noticing her daughter Whitney on the couch knocked out, she quietly picked her up and helped her to her room, and then Simone went in her room, to get ready for bed.

Just as she sat on the bed and she was getting ready to lay down the phone rang, and she quickly answered “Hello,” she spoke quietly in the phone to the caller. “Hey I was just calling you to let you know that I am in and that I enjoyed myself tonight as well, and would love to do it again very soon, but this time you pick where we should go.” The caller said. Not saying much because she knew who it was, she softly spoke into the receiver of the phone, “that would be lovely, and because I had such a nice time, I think that I would like to match that.” They of coursed conversated a few minutes more, until Simone eyes couldn’t no longer stay open. They said goodnight to one another and then got off the phone. It was well into the morning until she fell asleep, and just then Ja’niya started whining, so she got up and went to get her and brought her into the room with her. Ja’niya went back to sleep once in mommy arms, and so did Simone.


As day breaks into her room and she still is tired, she still gets up, to go cook the children breakfast, but realize her aunt had already done so. “Thank you Aunt, Daphne but you didn’t have too,” “girl you didn’t have to get up and its fine. I know how much you do for your children and doing so much work that you haven’t had the time for yourself. Go ahead and go back to sleep for a bit, I have the children.” Aunt Daphne said to her. “Thanks again,” Simone said as she started making her way back upstairs, and then the phone rang, but because she needed some rest she let it go straight to voicemail.

It was well into the evening before Simone woke and when she did, her four babies were all sitting upstairs on her bed watching a nice movie, and she then asked Whitney, “where is Aunt Daphne.” “She told me to tell you that she had to leave and get home, but she will come and check on us in a little while, but I knew you were about to wake up mommy.” Whitney said. “Oh, okay well go ahead and finish the movie my good children.

Just as she was turning back over to reflecting on the night before, she gets a phone call, reaching for the receiver, answering “Hello, good morning ma,” she softly spoke into the phone. “Simone, what’s going on with you, hasn’t heard from you lately.” “Well, I have just been trying to maintain my household, figuring out what I am going to do as far as this restaurant, and trying to plan an event or fundraiser for getting this mortgage for my ministries.” Simone said. “I thought you were going to sell it, and if it wasn’t meant for you to have this building for your ministries, baby just let it go. How are books coming along? Are you still writing? Waiting for your next novel on Fly woman of God.” Her mother said.

Simone and her mother continued talking for the next hour or two and then they also planned for a family get together soon, as well as helping with making some much needed decisions. Late in the evening, she is getting her children ready for bed and as she puts them into their beds, her doorbell rang, who could be at the door. Heading to the door to see who's there, she teased up and looks through the window, its Whitney father, Anthony, for fear of what he is there for she didn’t not open the door and said “it’s late and you need to go.”  “Can I see you and our daughter please? I have changed and I want to be in her life.” Anthony says. “Look I am asking you to leave, you are not to be here and I need for you to turn and leave please.” Simone starts to walk away from the door as she heard another male mouth, and she turned her attention back to the door, and realized Deangelo was out there. What was he doing out here at this hour? Why is he here?” Noticing the clock, it is well past 9 o’clock and she opens the door. “Deangelo, what’s going on, why are you here this late. Anthony leave please. I am asking you politely before I call the police on you.” Simone warns Anthony. “She asked you to leave and that’s what you need to do sir.” Deangelo says.

“What are you her bodyguard now? I am not going anywhere until I see my daughter.” Anthony says. “Well, she is in bed and sleep, you need to leave now.” This time more frustrated and aggravated. They both saw the aggravation and turned to leave. “Deangelo, what brings you here this late?” Simone asked a little calmer. “Well I wanted to check in on you, to see if you are fine, you know I only stay a few blocks away from you.” “Oh, really so you stalking me now, you know I am a big girl and can take care of myself, you don’t have to always come to my rescue but it was very thoughtful of you.” Simone says, thinking is he trying to get me in my bed or his, what are his true intentions. I wonder. “I am not here trying to get nothing, like sex if that’s what you are thinking. I really like you especially since grade school. You are a sweet woman and very heartfelt. I admire your passion on writing and doing God’s work. I just wanted to take you all out to dinner. But I see the babies are asleep already so I will bid you goodnight and I will just call if you would like to talk.” Deangelo said. “Oh ok cool, yeah I am tired after last night and I still got up to take care of my children. How about we plan something later this week? I have meetings in the beginning of the week in the morning but in the afternoons or evenings it should be fine.” Simone states and they said goodnight hugged and went on in to return to her motherly duties. After cleaning the kitchen and living room she went on upstairs and picked up what was put down. Then she went and laid down, she told herself that after all excitement she would not answer no phone to in the morning hour when it was time for her to get up.

Simone was up early, getting the children ready for camp and day care. She then was on her way, as she and her children were exiting the house Deangelo pulls up and asking if he could be of assistance. Simone didn’t mind, because he was really sweet and she needed some positive people in her life. She was happy that he came back into her life. She knew that God put people in her life for reasons, and it must have been met for her to lose her husband and gang a new male friend that maybe more met for her.

As Simone got her children to camp and daycare everyday with the help of Deangelo, she looked forward to seeing a smile on her face. Deangelo helped her gain access to her building for her ministry, which she started back up and even helped sell the restaurant. Simone started moving again and fast. Simone was really excited about the next coming events for her ministry.


As the middle of the week approach very fast, Simone was busying her with her ministry duties at home, when she gets an unsuspecting visitor. She opens the door to what she felt paranoid. It was her daughter father Anthony, who she did not want to deal with, but today she said she was willing to talk to him to see what he wanted. “No, Anthony; you could stay right there sir, you are not allowed in my home, what may I do for you.” Simone spoke more calmly this time. “Well for starters I would like to spend more time with my daughter, and I wanted to set up an arrangement with you, is that possible.” Anthony started speaking. “Well Anthony that would be fine, if its okay with you we could do so on a day I’m not too busy to discuss when you could get her. But first you have to sit with her in the comfort of her home, because she barely knows you, you have to give her a chance to know you, and that you are her dad. She knows Jonathan as her father, so know she don’t know you yet.” Just then Deangelo said something inappropriate. “Let me come in and give some of this great sex that you been missing.” “You see now I am going to have to ask you to leave and I will call or facebook you when you could see her. Please leave!” As she spoke, she was serious and he saw the expression and then looked up behind him and seen Deangelo standing in the door behind him. “I am not your booty call, nor do I owe you anything sir, if you would like to see your daughter, you need to call me, not just pop up here announced again, please. Again, I am very busy and you need to leave, you did not come here to speak about seeing her, so I am asking you to leave.” Anthony finally turned to leave and he said nothing as he did so for fear of Deangelo would do something, so he walked off with nothing left to say knowing what he wanted from her.


“How are you, you alright?” Deangelo spoke, once he was out of sight. “Yeah I am fine, just trying to get this book finished, revised and published. But I am getting tired, frustrated. It seems as though since my husband passed this man Anthony wants to come into Whitney’s life, he walked out of her life when she was a baby, and now he wants to be part of it. She doesn’t even know him. There is an issue with the restaurant trying to get the insurance settled, but I’m so over realmed.” She just stood there looking at him, and feeling really nervous, like she felt something really sudden. She said a prayer, and asked “is there a reason for your visit, because as I said I am really busy.” Deangelo looked up at her and said “Well, I wanted to see about lunch together, but you look as if you aren’t as hungry. Or are you ma’am.”

“Actually I could go for a bite to eat before its time to pick up my children. I have been working for hours without something on my stomach. That would be fine. Should I cook, or would you like to take me out somewhere.” Simone Walter asked. “Well I was thinking of us going to this special restaurant uptown that I think you would love, are you up for it,” he asked.

In which Simone agreed, she grabbed her purse and then locked up her house. As she walked to his house she looks down at her growing abdomen and realized in less than five months she will be giving birth to her second son and adding to her family. She looked to God and just wished for all of the strength he can give her. She lost her husband six months ago and but gained a new little one, who she carries proud. Her children are healthy, happy, loved and caring, she looks out and realizes that she found another man who is almost the same as her husband, it's just that she known him since grade school, and they are learning about each other. She is getting her ministry back up and running after losing the building, she is writing more than ever, her poems, stories and so forth, Simone can’t wait to overcome all her obstacles and get back to how it was before losing her husband. Simone than thought, wow God brought my husband back to me, through Deangelo.


They arrive at the restaurant, he gets out the car to step around to her side to open the door for her, and she held his hand as he lead the way into the restaurant. They were seated in no time. Simone and Deangelo order their food, engaging in light conversation. Still engaging in their light conversation their food arrived and they eat and talk a little, once they were done, they still spoke to one another in getting to know each other better. Regardless of them knowing one another since grade school, they never really knew each other. Simone learned so much about Deangelo, like how he is a God fearing man, he’s done wrong back getting locked up before but it was just him going down the wrong path before he had his one and only daughter. Deangelo is a 30 year old, hard working professional, he is believing that one day he can become in the presidential office. But until then he has his own business that serves as ministering our humanity. Deangelo and Simone both, have had crushes on one another in grade school, but went separate ways in their adulthood. As Simone learns so much about him, she tells him that she just wants to collect the insurance money from the restaurant and sell it. She knew that if she continued to take on this company then she would be more stressed trying to take on three projects. She did not want to let it go, but she just had to focus on her and her two goals. On the ride back to her home, she got really nervous and thinking is she falling too fast, never realizing that Deangelo were the one who was more persistent and pursuing her the most. There was less talking on this ride and once at home, she was getting ready to exit the car when Deangelo kissed her passionately on the lips. Just as shocked as she was, she took a deep breathed, prayed and just gave him a glare as too “oh my, you are willing to just leap.”


“I will call you tonight, I need to discuss something with you, but until then, you may go and continue with your lovely book, and focusing on getting your little ones soon,” Deangelo said.


When she stepped inside her home, she dropped to her knees as she glanced around her living room in utter disbelief. It’s been ruined, someone came into her home. Just as her life was beginning to look up, the devil comes in and destroy something else. Simone looked outside, just as her eye’s approached him, he was already walking up. She never made it inside her home, and looked at this devastation that was brought into her home. “Is everything okay, the baby is fine?” Deangelo spoke from behind her, as she turned and looked into his eye’s, tears in hers, looking past him, she looks to the sky asking God why. She finally spoke “Yes, the baby is fine, but me; not so, look at my house, and I haven’t even gone upstairs yet, nor in my kitchen. Somebody broke into my house and just destroyed it.” He didn’t say anything, just grabbed her by her waist and helped her to her feet. She felt good but was too hurt, out of all things that has happened this year alone, gaining so much accomplishments to losing her husband. This one main tragedy hits a nerve, it makes her want to just have a nervous breakdown. Being in Deangelo arms; just having him there for the gentleness, she was grateful to have him around right now.

He placed a call to the police so that she could start an report of the incident. When the police came, she learned that the burglar only stole her items such as her electronics, and the money that she had saved stashed in her secret place. She had to say a prayer.  

Dear God,

I am sending my heart your way, to be healed and concealed. I am seeking your way because of the devil coming to me in so many obstacles by bringing this devastating news. Father, I need you right now. Here I am this successful author, I am a minister and I am this wonderful mother. But I need your guidance to help strengthen me, for I am lost. I lost my husband, but gained my unborn baby, I lost my husband’s restaurant to an unexplained fire, but I am gaining my minister and my new novel, I have also gained a new friend for whom I’ve known for years, but not personally just by passing by. But why is this coming to me now, Why am I going through these troubled times.

In Jesus name,



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