How Amy Pond got her name(take on doctor who)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Amy Pond switches places with the famous female pillot theat is Amelia Earhart, the doctor faces a new alien race, but whats going to happen to amy and amelia?

Submitted: November 27, 2012

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Submitted: November 27, 2012



How Amy got her name

Scene 1

Opens to see Amelia Earhart walking up into a Lockheed Electra 10E. Amelia sits down in herseat

Amelia: OK Fred (puts her seat belt on) lets go! (camera zooms into Amelia's mouth) *cough cough*

In the Tardis zoomed up on Amy's mouth.

Amy: (hand to her mouth) *cough cough*, so where are we going today doctor?

Amy walks by console and suddenly faints

Doctor: well I was thinking maybe...the blue moon on Neotron 5, (talks fast) its moon is to die for, its also known for having its little gift shops, I love little gift shops they have so many little it-

Rory: Where's Amy? ( Rory looks from the top of the stair case)

The Doctor points at the place Amy was last standing

Rory: (Rory looks over to the console and sees a hand on the Tardis floor and runs over) Doctor!

The doctor runs over to where Rory was kneeling

(Rory says in a slow motion) Doctor what's happened?

Doctor: Oh urmm.....

Rory and The Doctor look at each other, the camera comes over the top of their shoulders, and stops to look at the face of the body)

Amelia: (looks shocked) Ow golly!


Running Credits

Rory: (Rory helps up Emilia) So who are you?

The Doctor looks shocked at Rory's question

Doctor: Rory, (points at Amelia) this is Amelia Earhart, the first women across the Atlantic! She was the first woman to receive the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross!

Amelia: indeed i am sonny

Rory: well you were before you went missing

Amelia: WHAT! (amelia looks at Rory in shock)

Doctor: (the doctor walks over and wispers to Rory) Not happend yet

Rory: ow (pause) dont worry

Doctor: what date was it?

Amelia: urm....july 2nd 1937

The Doctor turns slowly to look at Amelia and Rory, a look of fear trailed over his face

Rory: whats the matter? (silence) doctor!

Doctor: We must hurry Amy is in terrible dang-

The Doctor stops suddenly, sees a light on Amelia's wrist

Doctor: whats that?

Amelia: (she looks at her wrist) just my watch why?

Rory and The Doctor walks over to see the watch in more detail

Rory: It's just like Amy's, where'd you get it from?

Amelia: Urm (thinks) i.....i carnt remember its

Doctor: Like its been erased

Amelia: yes

The Doctor messes around with the Tardis' console

Doctor: Hold on this will be a bumpy ride

The Tardis sets of for July 2nd 1937

The Tardis suddenly stops

Doctor: were here (looking happy and proud of himself)

Amelia:What was that? (amelia shakes while walking)

Rory: You'll get use to that and we just went through space and time ( looks like its no big deal)

Amelia: NO WAY! How doesit do that? ( walks over to the console and presses buttons)

Doctor: (grabs amelia) You might not want to do that

The Doctor walks out of the Tardis doors, Rory and Amelia just stand there , the Doctor turns back and looks into the Tardis.

Doctor: well come on then (smiles)

Amelia: (grabs her coat and runs out of the Tardis) come on Rory!

Rory: (walks out of the Tardis) where are we?

Amelia: were near the LAE

Doctor: how much further?

Amelia: about 2 miles

Rory: 2 mile! (shouts) how the hell are we going to get there? (get irrate)

The Doctor and Rory talk

Amelia: we could use this (Rory and The Doctor look at Amelia to find her sitting in a car)

Rory: Your stealing

Amelia: i likethe term borrowing (smiles)

Doctor: ome on Rory amy needs are help ( the doctor opens the door for rory)

Rory: ( rory gets into the car) just for amy, not for are pleasure

Doctor: you do know how to drive a car dont you?

Amelia: (makes a face) of course.....its just like driving a car. Isnt it?

The car jutters. Rory and the doctor look at each other and hurry to get there seat belts on


Scene 2

Amy's on the plane

Fred: who are you? Where did you come from? What have you done with Amelia Ear-

Amy: (interupses) Firstly, my name is Amy Pond. Secondly, its hard to explain where i come from and how i got here. Thirdly, who the heck is Amelia?

Fred: Amelia,is the first women to fly over the Atlantic, the first women to get a U.S Distinguished flying cross!

Amy: ok,ok,i get it (pause) Amelia Earhart....ok (walks out of the plane)

Fred: ( puts his hand on am's sholder) sorry you carnt go! You have lost the world famous Amelia Earhart.

Amy: ( amy struggles to get free but his grip is so hard) Ive done nothing wrong! Get off me!

Suddenly a car swearves infront of them. Amelia opens the car door.

Amelia: Well i think that went well

The Doctor and Rory got out the car and fell to the floor

Doctor: (looks up at Amelia) yh you could do with a bit of work

Rory runs to Amy and hugs her.

Amelia: Fred let her go im here now

Fred: who are you?

Amelia: Fred, its me Amelia Earhart! Yoour pilot

Fred: You are not Amelia Earhart! ( he grabs Amelia and wont let go)

Amelia: Get off me! ( shouts and screams)

Doctor: (gets out the sonic) has he ever been like this before?

Amelia: no why?

Amy: Your not suggesting hes a (pause) alien!

Amelia: Alien come off it!

Doctor: well it seems like hes a........VICTARAC

Amy: Are they dangerous?

Doctor: Only if there torrmented

Amy: so....

Doctor: yh dangerous (walks to Fred)

Fred: Do not get any closer or the ginger one gets it! ( Fred's hand goes to Amys chest with a gun)

Doctor: ok! Im staying here!

Fred dropped Amy on the floor, The Doctor gets his sonic screwdriver out and scans Fred.

Doctor: has fred ever been like this before?

Amielia: no why?

Amy: are you suggesting that hes an....................Alien!

Ameli: they dont egsist!

Rory: (crawls to the doctor) well why not he has super human strength

The doctor helps up Rory.

Doctor: got him!.hes!

Amy: and they are?

Doctor: they are the rarest but most ruthless aliens there are

Amy: did you have to say the most ruthless?!

Amelia: how and what are we ment to do? (silence) Doctor! (amelia shouts)

The Doctor looks at Fred and then to amy and Amelia and then back to Fred

Doctor: i dont know

Amy: tipical its always the girls to save the day!

Amelia and Amy look at each other and nod. Amelia kicks the gun out of Fred's hand and towards the Doctor, the doctor catches the gun, and points it at Fred.

Doctor: i have no intention of using this but you leave me with no allternative, let them go and i wont shoot.

Fred lets them go. Amy runs to Rory, while Amelia runs to The Doctor.

Doctor: what is your name?

Fred: my name is Fred

Doctor: no i am talking to the Coltaroid! What is your name?

Fred: I-I-

Doctor: (intarupse) good good (turns to amy rory and amelia) the Coltaroid can only conrol the body, his mind is still Fred! That is why he sees himself as Fred and not the coltaroid.

Fred: I-I-I am Cortax (he wroles up his sleave, you see an alien watch, fred presses it down0

Doctor: NO! ( the Doctor runs over to Fred, but Fred transports to his alien ship) NO!

Rory: great we lost our only lead, and now what?

Doctor: Amy, Amelia, come here please.

Amy and Amelia walk over to the doctor, the doctor wroles up there sleaves, and gets his sonic out.

Amy: what are you doing now, doctor?

Doctor: if i can get the right frequency, then i can telaport us to the alien ship!(smiles)

Rory: (walks slowly to the doctor, amy and amelia) why would we want to do that?

Amelia: so we can findout why i carnt remeber where i got my watch from and why me and Amy changed places.

Doctor: Amy you will take Rory, and Amelia you will take me.

Rory and Amy hold hands.

Doctor: ok lets go! All you have to do is press down on your watch and hold each others hand.

Amy and Amelia press the buttons and hold hands with there partner.They transport to the alien ship, the doctor on top of Amelia, and amy and Rory slung on the floor.

Rory: Urgh.....what a rough landing ( slowly gets up)

The Doctor gets up & turns around to find hundreds of Coltaroid's looking at him & Rory

Doctor: Ow, hello (smiles) just popped in for abit....dont mind us (smiles again)

Rory:( puts his hand up in surrender & slowly speaks)

The Doctor looks at Rory, like hes stupid and puts his hand over his eyes

Doctor: I'm the doctor & this is my companion Rory

1 coltaroid: put themin the cage! They will stay there until the chief finds a better punishment for them! (laughs) ahahahhah! (everyone laughs)

Amy & Amelia just stay on the ground behind two bins< while the doctor & rory are taken away. All the Coltaroid's get back to work.

Amy:(turns to Amelia) now what? We have no where to go there are too many Coltaroids to go through that door!

Amelia: I dont know, what would the doctor do?

Amy: he would find another way out & fast, quickly look for another door.

Amelia: there! Quick follow me ( amelia and Amy walk to the door)

Amy: how are we going to open the door?

Amelia: its good i borrowed this of the doctor ( Amelia holds the sonic to the door and opens the door)

Amy: lets go!

Amy and Amelia walk through the doors, when suddenly Amy's phone rang.

Amy:(confused) Hello.....

Rory: Amy, is that you?

Amy: yeh how-

Rory: we havent go time, where are you?

Amy: urm......well we went through a door.

Doctor:(steals the phone away from Rory) Sorry Amy, but he wasnt getting anywhere. Did you go out of the nearest door?

Amy: yes, doctor? Are we safe here?

The Doctor ignores Amy's question and carries on talking

Doctor: well you need to walkforward thenyou'll get to a junction & turn-

Suddenly the phone cuts off.

Doctor: Amy? Amy!

Rory: what happend?

Doctor: i dont know

Back to Amy & Amelia

Amy: Doctor? Doctor! Great! Now what?

Amelia: lets split up! You that way (points tothe right)and ill go that way (points tothe left)ok?

Amy: i think we-

Amelia: Good, lets split.

Amy & Amelia walk in diffrent directions. Back, to the Doctor & Rory, the Doctor sits down, while Rory walks form left to right.

Doctor: Rory stop doing that, Amy's fine! She always is

Back to Amy, she scream at the sight of a Coltaroid.

2nd Coltaroid: who are you?

Amy: i am Amy Pond

2nd Coltaroid: (scans Amy with a scanner) you will come with me! ( pushes Amy )

Amy: where are we going?

Amelia walks around the corner & sees Amy with a Coltaroid & runs back around the corner, hides & watches where the Coltaroid is taking Amy.

Amy: Do i have to ask you again.........where are you taking me?

2nd Coltaroid: you are coming to meet our leader.........Curtrix.

Amy: why?

The Coltaroid doesnt answer & walks out of the corridor. Amelia runs around the corner.

Amelia: (shouting) Doctor!Rory!.........Doctor!

In the cage with the Doctor and Rory, the Doctor is thinking.

Rory: is that all your going to do?

Doctor: what else is there to do?

Rory: Sonic the lock!

Doctor: I would if i had it!

Silence. They could hear a faint noise it came closer & closer.

Amelia: Doctor! Rory! Doctor! Rory!

Doctor: (the Doctor gets up) were here! Amy! Amelia!

Rory joins in.

Rory&the doctor: Amy! Amelia! Were here!

The noise was closer now. Amelia came running in and could hardly breath.

Rory: where's Amy?

Amelia: Shes-Shes-go-go-gone-t-t-to-se-see the le-leader, C-Curtrix (tired)

Doctor: Sonic us out please

Rory: Amelia doesnt have your sonic Doctor! Shes no pick pocket!

Amelia Sonics the door open & Rory looks at Amelia in shock. Amelia gives the doctor his Sonic.

Amelia: well i knew you wouldnt be needing it (the doctor smiles and Amelia and she smiles back) this way quick!

Amelia, Rory & the Doctor runs to find amy.

Scene 3

Amy is in a big room full of Coltaroids

2nd Coltaroid: (talks to another Coltaroid) This is Amy she is the one match!

Coltaroid 3 scans Amy. Amy looks worried. Coltaroid 3 walks over to Curtrix & tells him.

Curtrix: (stands up infront of the crowd) We have a match! Her name is Amy Pond!

The whole crowd claps & looks happy, Amy gets pushed up towards Curtrix. He holds upher hand. More claps.

Amy: So what now? ( she asks Curtrix)

Curtrix: Come with me.

The crowd seperates. The doctor, Amelia & Rory pokes there head through the door.

Rory: Can you see her?

Doctor: No you?

Rory: no

Amelia: There ( she points over to amy) whats that shesin? Doctor?

Doctor: I dont know, i need a closer look, like a distraction.

Amelia: 1 distraction coming right up!

Amelia runs up to the console, and starts pressing buttons, an alarm goes off & all the Coltaroids look at her.

Amelia: Oops! Silly me!

Amelia runs off being chased by every Coltaroid.The Doctor & roryruns over to Amy.

Doctor: (pressing buttons) did they say what they want you for?

Amy: No! ( pause) but they did say i was the only living match.

Rory: match?

The Doctor Sonics the machine

Doctor: You are a perfect match

Amy: for what?

Doctor: I think you mean who.........Amelia Earhart (pause) Your related.

Amy: How?

The force field around Amy drops and Amy jumps out of the machine.

Doctor: i dont know (he sees a flash on Amy's wrist) why does it flash?

Grabs Amy's arm & starts sonicing again.

Doctor: This is how you swapped over! Someone wanted this to happen, but who?

Stranger: Me! (Amy,Rory & the doctor turn around and sees the stranger holding Amelia)

Doctor: Who are you?

Stranger: I am Craverac the king of the Coraxes.

Amy: who are they?

Doctor: they are the twins of Coltaroids, they have been at war since the dawn of time! (pause) but what do you want with Amelia?

Craverac: with her pillot skills we could to have her fly for us Coraxes

Doctor: but shes human!

Craverac: For now! I have been feeding her and she is mutating into one of us! Ahahahah!


© Copyright 2020 JODIE FIELD5600. All rights reserved.

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