Jealousy again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sportsday...its always a tricky time but more so for Sarah and heather

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012




I admit I was jealous,but what happened at the competition wasn't entirely my fault. It all started one week ago in st.Charles high school,I was just in class about to say yes to the register,when suddenly Mr Hartington, are head teacher,said with a smile on his face “We are going to have a Sports day on the N block field,next week” suddenly the hole class sighed, except for me and bf,Heather, she and I went out at break and started to practise. We even practised at lunch time,we had so much fun, after school I ran back home and as I got in the house,mom immediately said “How was school today Sarah.” as I closed the door I replied by saying “boring again,except Mr Hartington told us we were going to do sports day in a weeks time.YAY!”suddenly my brother,Joseph, the little brat,held up a book saying 'Diary Sarah Helldings secrets' he asked me in a stupid way “Do you know what this is,its a diary let me read it out to you and the world. HA HA!” he jumped on the soft silicone sofa and started to read my secrets out. DING DONG. Who was it?.

Chapter 1

As I opened the door,Tommy,my best friend of all came in and said “Heather how selfish and annoying and saying that you could never win in a sleeping race.”as I herd Joseph carrying on reading, I snatched it out off his hands before he said my darkest secret. As mom came down the stairs, she asked Tommy if he wanted to stay for dinner. As they were talking I suddenly had an idea,so I took Tommy's hand and took him to my bedroom.

What you want to cheat!”Tommy said shocked “Ow please-e-e Tommy”I started to kneel and asked him again and again,finally he answered.

Chapter 2

It was 9am in the morning and I ran down the stairs and got the dogs lead and got boxer,my cute boxer dog,as we were walking we peaked through Heathers fence and she had the new work out 5000.Heather was coming over to the fence so me and Boxer ran back home,as I was getting in the house I slammed the door,BANG! “What has happened now,carrot nose”Joseph said annoyingly “Heather has got the new work out 5000,I'm so jealous of her” Joseph's mouth opened in shock of every thing and he said “The new work out 5000,wow she is so cool no wound your jealous of her.”I said in anger “I am not jealous of her, I just wish I had the new work out 5000”I started to dream about me and the new ,work out 5000,then I said “don't you have to change your nappy, or something lizard tongue boy”then I ran up to my room and Tommy was there.

It was Tommy he was waiting for me,when I went in the room Tommy asked me this extraordinary question he said “I now this ,girl from high school and I fancy her ,so what should I do?”At that moment I thought he didn't fancy anyone, but I explained to him that he should, tell her on sports day or one day before sports day,after that he said “Thanks you can come round mine,we have the new work out 5000 ,come round soon.”We walked down the sparkly,shimmering stairs and opened the front door and he whispered something in my ear.

Chapter 3

It was Joseph's birthday and mom,dad and I,were waiting for Joseph to wake up it took at least 30 minutes for him to get up,because he was searching all night for his presents. We went to his birthday party,I was wearing my best outfit, a light purple dress I never ever wear.

Then suddenly,BANG!,Heathers mom came barging in! 'How can you live with yourself! You have broken our work out 5000! it was you!' Heathers mom was pointing at me, her head ready to explode! When suddenly I got a punch in the face, I was falling backwards in this slow motion so you could see everything that was going on, when this mysterious person,lifted me back up and guess who it was.

Thank you Tommy,I'm so you want to dance?” I asked him nervously,Tommy was looking across the room and said “can you see any prettier girls than you” I started to blush. We were dancing all the night,as a slow song came on I stopped dancing. Heather's mom was still calming down. As I was going to go up the stairs Tommy asked 'what's the matter?' I didn't know how to explain it, I've known Tommy for years I've always thought of him as a friend but now..........its different!

' You know when you said you fancied someone, it kinda makes me think you I know its silly to think that you would fancy me...but...'

' I do fancy you, I've fancied you for years but never had the guts to ask you out and plus, Heather fancies me! Yuck! will you go out with me?'

'Urm.......yeh course I will!' suddenly he kissed me, I didn't know what to do I was in so much shock. Suddenly....'Sarah! You bitch!you know how much I like Tommy! Are you deliberately trying to ruin my life?!' I was about to Slap her and kick her,but I didn't need to!

'You know what Heather, yes I knew you liked him but you can't help who you fall in love with' a sudden wave of clapping came up behind me. Heather stormed out with her moody mother trailing behind, that didn't stop us from parting though.

Chapter 4

Only 2 days to go until sports day. I go up at 6:00 and hurried into my tracksuit, as I went down stairs I herd my mom making breakfast. I could smell the melting butter oozing over the crumpets, the temptation was strong, but I hurled my body out the door and started lightly jogging. The sun was beaming down on me, my throat dry, but I was 30 minutes jogging speed away from home. My body started to wobble and sway, like there was someone pushing me, I felt like I was going to faint. 'would you like a drink?' Tommy asked, he was in the door frame to his house, getting ready for school. 'no thanks Tom, I need to get home, meet you here in an hour?' I smiled at Tommy's cute little Tartan pyjamas.

'Of course babe' we both suddenly laughed at Tommy using the word 'babe'. I jogged back home, in my head was Tommy saying babe to me. 'So you think your going to get away with this do you?' Heather said with a moody face. I had no idea what she was going on about.

'What's your problem?' I asked secretly thinking it was about Tommy.

'your my problem you think your, the big Well your not! OK Tommy will see what a spiteful cow you really are and...hah...come crawling to me!' I didn't want to argue so I did what I did and pushed her aside and jogged back home. I could hear the fain noise of heathers voice when I was jogging away.

When I was at home, I ran up stairs an got changed and put my make-up on. Now I had a boyfriend I had to make sure I looked good. I never used make-up before, so my mom did it for me, after I got dressed I went down stairs and fed boxer. I had my crumpets, brushed my teeth and set of for Tommy's house. When I was jogging back I found another way to Tommy's, so I didn't have to see heather. I got to Tommy's house on time and stayed there for a bit. I told him about what heather said 'Don't worry,you didn't do anything wrong' he smiled at me and kissed me. We got to school 5 minutes early. We were holding hands, we didn't mind people seeing, we were happy together. People were noticing my make-up, they were making really nice comments about it. Me and Tommy liked the attention, but we really liked each others company. Heather finally came to school, she was 10 minutes late. We had to put our names down for the sports we wanted to do. I put 30 metre run, javelin and hurdles. Me and Tommy put down the exact opposite. After school me and Tommy went to the park, with a few new friends, Katie, Natalie, Jodi, Chris, Matt and Liam. We all had girlfriends and boyfriends. Katie and Chris sat on the bark hugging. Natalie and matt on the top of the climbing frame, talking. Jodi and Liam on the swings, laughing at each others rude jokes. Me and Tommy were sitting at the top of the slide talking. 'Made some new friends? Have we?' Heather said she pushed me down the slide hitting Tommy at the bottom. 'oops! Clumsy me!'

'why do you pick on Sarah she is better then you!' said Jodi, suddenly everyone got up and there was an argument between me and heather! It looked like it was going to end up like a fight, but suddenly Tommy said,'Heather! I'm sorry but you are worthless! You mean nothing to me or to us! Your a mean spiteful person and deserve nothing more then a good slap!' I was so proud of Tommy, I hugged him and kissed him. A sudden roar of claps came over and chased Heather away.


Chapter 5

Only one day left, I was so excited, my heart was beating so fast I had to breath slowly to calm my self down. It was Wednesday, we had a teacher training day so we had no school, I spent most of my time practising. But at dinner we had Tommy over, my brother called it a 'date'.

'So Tommy are you going to marry my sister?' Tommy nearly chocked on his soup.

'Joseph, were going out not engaged' he bobbed his tongue out at me I didn't want to seem immature by doing it back. 'Well I would be very lucky if I had your sister for a wife' Tommy said, holding my hand, my face started to blush. My mom took the dinner a bit to serious by doing 3 courses. By the end of it we were all full up. Tommy was so polite he asked to leave the dinner table. We went back to my room and sat on my bed.

'sorry about my brother, he lives to embarrass me!' we both smiled at each other. As we were kissing, Joseph came in secretly and took pictures of us. For me to find out on sports day!


Chapter 6

Sports day. Well it started off very very badly! As I opened my eyes I saw lots and lots of pictures of me and Tommy kissing! ARGH! I screamed! Going down stairs! Joseph was there eating his cereal! 'Did you do this?' I asked him and showed him a picture!

'ahah looks like second base to me!'

'who did you send these to?'

' ow just you......-'


'and Tommy, Natalie, Jodi,Chris, heather, Katie and the rest of the school by e-mail and post!'

'ARGH! You absolute Jerk' I ran up stairs and got changed. I went out of the house, slamming the door as I went, got to Tommy's and shouted for him! His window opened! 'have you seen these?' he shouted

'yes! It was Joseph! He's sent it to everyone by e-mail, and by post!'

'Jesus, wait right there' his window closed. I waited outside for 20 minutes, finally he came out. We ran to school to see if there was anything we could do. There was nothing. All day we had people laughing at us! As it came to sports day it calmed down.

'remember what I told you Tommy'

'yeah if you really want me to?'

'yes, well....yes'

I hated the thought of cheating but it had to be done, she blamed me for loads of stuff. I got lined up for the race I was in the right lane at the right time and so was heather nothing could go wrong now......'Sorry Sarah, but your going to have to swap places with Heather to make sure we all have a fair race' My heart sank! I could see Tommy up a head ready with the marbles set out on my lane! I had to dodge all my traps for her! And beat her! My hope had gone, I was going to lose, nothing else to do. As Mr. Hartington called out I was so worried I never heard the bell go, to start the race. I finally came round Heather was in the lead! Everyone was cheering me on! So I ran for it, I saw the marbles miles back as I was getting closer I was asking myself what if I trip and fall? What about if I do make it then what? I can't stop heather.

Chapter 7

'ARGH! My ankle' I heard a grown from in front heather had fallen to the ground, this was my big brake, to run and win the race from her. I ran as fast as I could the trophy was mine for sure! As I ran over the line I looked back and saw everyone cheering! I won the race, but for what a measly metal trophy, I lost my best friend because of it. “There she is!” Heather said pointing at me “she cheated, she told a boy to put a tennis ball in the middle of my lane”

is this true, Sarah?” Mr Hartington asked looking disappointed at me

no it wasn't!”

I think you should come into my office don't you?”

So this is me at the minute, I'm sitting in Mr Hartington's, waiting for him to talk.

this is a serious accusation Heather is making, I would like it to not be true”
“it isn't! Yes I may have been jealous of her but I had nothing to do with this!”

we had a little boy say you paid him”

what's his name? I confess, I told Tommy to pour marbles on a lane! But because I had to swap with Heather I got the marbles, so you see sir I haven't done anything!”

well I'm disappointed in you!.....but as we have no other information on the matter I will let you off with a warning”.

As I walked out of the room with my trophy, I saw Heather with a bandage around her ankle, I felt really bad for what I did. There was only one thing to do..... say sorry.

Heather I know you still think that thing with your ankle was me but I promise you it wasn't-”

I know it wasn't you, I got someone to do it on purpose so I would get you in trouble!”

ow, well deserve this trophy more then I do!”

thank you” Heather hugged me and everything was back to normal for now.......

© Copyright 2020 JODIE FIELD5600. All rights reserved.

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