Short Story (Rough)

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Its a story about aliens coming to earth and me and a group of my friends try to survive the invasion. This is a rough version going straight from my head to the paper. I will be updating it as I go every few days or so.

Submitted: December 16, 2013

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Submitted: December 16, 2013



It was just another ordinary day at school when the first attacked happened.  I was just walking to class when all of a sudden a girl yelled to look up in the sky to watch the meteors falling from the sky.  We all stood in awe as they were falling from the sky but the weird thing was that they weren't burning up.  Then all of a sudden they crashed into the ground!  They crashed into the buildings, cars and ground!  By the look of them they were some drop pod type of thing.  Then they started to burst open! These weird alien looking creatures started running out and shooting at us!  I ducked behind a trash can and tried to yell at other people to do the same while everyone around me was getting shot!  The aliens were using some sort of plasma weapon that was melting everything it hit on contact.  The aliens closest to me moved away to go into building 6 when campo ran out of their office and started firing at the aliens.  They all unloaded a full clip each into one of the aliens before it went down.  The other ones turned around and each fired only a few shots before they fell to the ground...dead.  As soon as the aliens were inside the building I ran to the dead campus police and picked up their weapons and extra clips of ammo and got as many of the students around me that would come to head towards building 5.  I quickly ran up to the class where my friends  Brandon Blake and Clay were in.  I handed them each a weapon and a clip and told them to fan out and get as many people as possible out of the building as possible before the aliens came into this building.  We fanned out and got the building evacuated before Blake spotted the aliens moving towards the building.  We got together and made a plan on how to take them out.  We decided to box them in the hallway where there was no cover for them and aim for what we thought were the heads.  We split and hid behind the vending machines and the crevices of the lockers.  We waited for them to walk in before we all popped out and each unloaded a full clip into an alien a piece but it wasn't enough.  We only brought down two of them and the other two were angry and ready to kill.  We each reloaded and opened up agin but this time they were returning fire!  We had to duck in and out only able to fire a few shots each time but finally we brought them down.  We walked up to the aliens to put a shot into each of their heads just to be sure that they were dead.  After the four shots it was silent.  I suggested we each take one of the alien weapons since we were all out of ammo.  The weapon was weird looking.  It was shaped like one of our assault rifles but a little rounder and bulkier.  It also had a glowing tube of what looked to be like some sort of energy as the clip.  Then all of a sudden we heard a loud explosion and ran outside to see what it was and discovered that the pod that brought the aliens must have been a forward scout ship because in the sky were hundreds of pods dropping falling from the sky.  We all decided to run home and check on our families and then call to figure out what to do.  I quickly pulled out my phone not expecting to get through got may dad on the line!  He said he was on his way to get me with the family but I told him not to bother.  Id already fought some of the aliens and could handle myself so I asked where he was headed.  They were going to my grandparents house out in the country.  I told them I would meet them out there as soon as I could.  What I didn't tell them was that I had another school that I had to go to first to see if someone was still alive and if so to get her to safety.  I called Brandon and told him that I was planning on going to the other school to find her.  He objected as I figured and wanted to come with me but I told him to go home find his family and get his girlfriend Cory to safety out at my grandparents.  I told him to tell Blake and Clay what the plan was and to try and get in contact with Zach to see if he was still alive since he was in the building where the aliens went in before we killed them.  I took the back way over to the other school  ignoring everyones yells and honks drove on the sidewalk.  There was destruction and pods everywhere I just hoped that she was still alive and safe.  I drove right up to the front door. got out and locked the car hoping that would be enough and ran inside the building.  I had no clue what class she was in or were she would be since her school's schedule was different than mine.  I decided my best bet was to go class to class and get hem out but also ask if any of them knew where she was.  I got through the first three classrooms and found out nothing!  I escorted them to the door and went back in.  After the 5th classroom I finally found one of her friends who told me she was on the second floor in room 212.  I quickly thanked her and got them to the door.  I ran as fast as I could up the stairs keeping my eye out for any aliens because I was sure there would be some inside somewhere from the amount of pods that were outside, empty.  I ran  the stairs and found the hall with 212 in it but as soon as I got there I saw a group of aliens go into the classroom right before hers!  All I could hear were screams and I knew what was happening.  I sat right outside the door and waited for the aliens to walk out knowing everyone in that classroom was already dead.  As soon as the last alien walked out I opened fire with the plasma gun and killed the aliens on the spot before they could even turn around.  I ran into 212 and found the entire class hiding in the closet in the back.  I told them to get up and move while I was also searching for her.  I found her in the back with as I knew would be there her boyfriend.  I guess he ran from his class to hers to protect her or something.  Anyway when I got to her she was shocked that it was me that was saving them.  She said she never expected to see me again and that they were going to die in that closet and all they were doing was waiting for their death.  I told them that my car was parked out front and that they were coming with me.  She wanted to go back to her house but I told her there was no time and surprisingly her boyfriend agreed with me.  I grabbed the weapons that the aliens dropped and handed one to her boyfriend just in case.  I took point and started to lead the class down the hall and to the stairs.  As soon as we got to the stairs a group of two aliens jumped out and barley missed me!  I waited and whipped around the corner shooting both of them down.  I knew there had to be at least two more because form what I'd seen they all had traveled in groups of fours.  I slowly walked down the stairs with her boyfriend right behind me.  We hit the bottom of the stairs and we confronted by the other two aliens.  They quickly hid behind lockers as I ran across and hid behind a vending machine while her boyfriend stayed in the stairwell behind cover.  I popped out and fired some shots but they missed their mark.  They both fired back at me not even realizing about her boyfriend who popped around the corner and hit one of the aliens.  I Then popped out while the remaining alien was distracted and made my mark this time.  I quickly got the class down the stairs and outside while I took Madison and her boyfriend to my FJ which surprisingly was still there.  We all piled in and I started the drive to my grandparents.  I called Brandon and told him everything that happened he said his family was gone along with his girlfriend's Cory's family but she had made it hiding in her secret closet compartment.  He said he was on his way as were Blake and Clay.  No one had heard anything about Zach yet we hoped for the best but feared the worst about him.  The drive to my grandparents was silent.  The only noise that was going was the radio telling of the invasion that's was happening with all the pods falling.  There was distraction all over the roads.  Thankfully where we were going there there would be no cars because my grandparents lived so far in the country.  All of a sudden we started to hear a weird beeping noise and I knew it wasn't the car.  We quickly looked around and discovered that it was the alien weapons!  I slammed on the breaks and threw the guns as far away from us as possible.  Then they just exploded out of nowhere!   None of us knew why they did that but I said we should get back in the car and keep moving before night hits.  They both fell asleep in the back in each others arms so I was alone to my thoughts.  It had been since before the summer that I had seen Madison.  I found out that she had a huge crus hon me at the same time I did only to my knowledge she stopped and is with him while I still have those feelings.  In my eyes she was beautiful. She had blond hair and (eye color).  She was super athletic with playing soccer and super smart.  There is just no girl like her.  But unless her boyfriend screws up bad nothing will happen between us.  Besides all I want is for her to be happy.   The road that we were on was empty with no cars.  There were some pods in the fields but they all looked empty and there weren't very many of them.  I drove up to the road where my grandparents house was and it was pitch dark.  I slowly drove down the road to the house and found that we were the last ones to arrive.  I parked the car and woke them up.  We got out of the car and walked in the front door and were grated with happiness and then confusion.  I was wondering why then I realized it was because of Madison and her boyfriend were right next to me.  I introduced them and told everyone I picked them up from her house.  I was going to tell the other guys what I really did but as of now only Brandon knew the truth. I looked around to see who all had made it and it turned out to be a good chunk.  My entire family had made it.  Brandon's girlfriend Cory had made it along with Clay's girlfriend Blaire.  Blake brought his ex who we all knew he still loved Kyleigh.  There was still no word from Zach and his family though.  As the adults turned back to discus what everyone should do I left Madison and her boyfriend and took the guys to the back room to tell them what really happened and what I think we should do.  I told them about me going to the school and getting Madison and her boyfriend out and back to here.  After all that I told them what I thought we should do.  I told them that we should gather as many weapons, ammo and food as we could find and store it back here.  I then proposed that we should start gathering survivors we know back here and to make this a base of operations.  What I proposed next was a very dangerous and risky thing to do.  I suggested that we start up a resistance movement against the alien invaders.  This came at a shock to them.  Clay immediately objected to the idea saying that we should stay here and wait it out and hope the military does something.  Brandon chimed in and said that "for all we know the military is gone!  We have no clue what the state the world is in!  If its just here or everywhere!  I agree with Skyler we should fight back!"  "What the hell i'm in."  said Blake.   Well then its settled we are going all in for this.  Then all of a sudden we heard a noise behind us.  It was Madison and her boyfriend Ryan.  We just stood their in silence until he spoke up and said "I think we should stay here and protect the ones we love."  I just lost it there and started to yell at him "You think this is all going to go away? We have to do something!  We can't just sit here and hope for the best at least i'm not and they aren't!  So stay here if you want but i'm doing this and if you don't want to be in this place with it happening then you can just get up and leave!  Have fun surviving on your own!"  After that it was silent until Madison of all people spoke up and said " I agree with them we have to do something."  I was at first in shock but broke out of it and said "Looks like its settled then.  We start tomorrow.  Now we need to get some sleep."  Everyone left the room and I went to the room where Brandon, Blake and I would be sleeping.  Madison and Ryan went to the couch.  Everyone got in their beds and after a short time were asleep but not me.  I couldn't sleep so after a hour or two of tossing and turning I got up and walked outside to the back deck and just stood there looking up at the sky watching more and more pods fall.  I then heard something behind me and when I turned to look I was surprised to see it was Madison.   "Hey.  I said.  Hey.  we stood in silence for what felt like an eternity before she spoke again.  "Thank you for coming to get me I mean us."  Motioning back to Ryan on the couch.  "Without you we wouldn't be here right now.  We were just sitting there waiting for our deaths when all of a sudden you showed up.  Just, thank you."  With that she ran to me and gave me a hug iv'e never felt from her before.  She then walked back inside in silence while I stood there dumbfounded with just my thoughts and the stars.  I sat down in one of the chairs there and I guess at some point I fell asleep and was awoken by the rising of the sun.  I walked back inside and saw that everyone was still asleep.  I walked back to my room where the guys were sleeping and woke them all up but told them to be very quiet.  I got them all outside and told them we were taking the FJ into the city to gather supplies that we need to stay alive and to eventually start a resistance.  We left a note on the counter saying where we went but not what we were going to do.  The drive into the city was uneventful and in silence.  None of the radio stations worked and neither did our phones.  The aliens must have knocked out the towers somehow.  We drove up to a Walmart that to our surprise looked abandoned.  We all got out of the car and started to walk inside when I remembered that we should grab out handguns even though they only had a few shots left in them.  After we grabbed our guns we walked inside and found it deserted.  We saw bodies everywhere but they were all burned and melted in places so we all kew what had happened to them.  We didn't expect any of the aliens to still be in the building but we kept our guard up juts in case.  We walked back first to the gun and ammo area to fins that it was still pretty well stocked.  We grabbed every single gun there and loaded them into a nearby cart.  They ranged from pistols, revolvers, hunting rifles, shotguns, to AR-15s and ammo for everything with lots to spare.  It wasn't enough to start a resistance but it was a start.  I picked up some ammo and clips for my handgun and the AR-15.  Blake grabbed two shotguns.  Clay a rifle and another handgun while Brandon being the way he is grabbed a handgun, shotgun, and a rifle.  While we all just started at him all he said was "Hey i'm prepared for anything now."  We all headed towards the food aisles when we heard a noise.  We ditched the cart and each hid behind cover waiting for whatever made the noise when out of no where an alien showed up.  But this one was different it was smaller than the others and it carried some sort of blade and not an alien gun.  It hadn't seen us yet and I wanted to kill it fast.  So I popped out into the open and fired three shots directly into its head and It exploded in a purple bloody mess.   I knew something was different about this one and all I could think if was he was some sort of scout so I told everyone to grab as much food as they could and load up their carts and to hurry back to the car as fast as they could.  We got the food and made it to the car before I spotted a pod dropping but this one was different.  It was more of in control like it was landing and not crashing.  I realized it was some sort of transport and told everyone to load the car up fast.  We got everything loaded when the aliens started to move towards us.  It wasn't just four this time it was 15 to 20 of them.  I told everyone to pile in the car while I started to lay down some fire into them hoping it would at least make them stop their advance and take some cover.  Surprisingly it worked and I ran and jumped into the drivers seat and put the pedal to the floor and got out of there as quickly as possible.  As soon as I thought we were a safe distance away I relaxed for a little bit.  Then Brandon looked behind us and saw some sort of vehicle coming towards us!  I told Blake and Clay to pop the rear window open and to be ready to fight.  Brandon rolled down his window and I rolled down mine.  We were ready when the vehicle ,which we could tell by now was alien, pulled up right behind us and was preparing to fire.  Blake and clay opened fire on it but were barley making a dent in its armor.  It fired a blast of what looked like plasma energy and hit the ground right beside us.  I knew we couldn't take a hit like that so I told them to find a weak spot.  They looked and looked when all of a sudden Brandon noticed that the armor around the wheels it was using was weak and that they should concentrate their fire there.  They did and the vehicle blew up after a few direct hits to that spot.  We pulled into the driveway happy that we got out alive and unloaded the FJ.  As soon as we walked inside we were met with yelling and anger at what we did.  I just ignored it all and walked straight to the back deck, which I knew would be a frequent thing, to think of what we should do next.  When I came back in not knowing what we should do all I heard was yelling and arguing from everyone.  I knew it was all the girlfriends yelling at their others for how stupid it was to go and do what we did.  I just walked into the kitchen and grabbed some food that we got and headed back out to the deck to get away from it all.  If I was going to start up this resistance I needed a plan and the least amount of stress as possible.  I sat in silence for a few hours when Ryan came out back.  Not really thinking all I said was "What do you want?"  He said "I want to help.  I want to be apart of your movement."  I thought for a minute before I answered.  "Well I know you can shoot but do you want to lay down your life for something that might not even work?" I said  "For her yes" Ryan said.  "Well then we go back into the city tomorrow.  We need  to see if we can find anyone we know who is still alive.  We also need to see what the aliens are doing here and how if there is any way to stop them."  With that Ryan walked back inside and I went to tell the other guys what we were going to do the next day.  The person we needed to find was Zach.  It was another sleepless night not just for me though but the other guys too.  The next morning we got up and started to make breakfast so we could leave but so everyone else could feel a little at home.  After we ate I walked over and woke Ryan up and told him to garb a quick bite and to get in the car.  He started to wake Madison up to tell her he was leaving but I stopped him before he could.  The look I gave him was enough to know why to let her be.  We all grabbed our guns and piled in the FJ.  I handed Ryan a handgun and a rifle.  We drove down the path and started towards the city.  We decided to try the school first since that was the last place that we knew Zach was at and the possibility of finding other survivors.  We got to the building 5 parking lot and left the FJ to head inside.  We stayed on high alert and even though Zach was last in building 6 we decided to check the entire building for any survivors.  After an hour of searching we came up with nothing.  We expected that since we evacuated this building to begin with.  Next we headed to the MS building but when we got inside it looked the worst.  Their were bodies of students and teachers everywhere.  The classrooms were littered with students that couldn't get away.  The entire building had a stench of death and decay.  We searched but as the scene showed there was nobody left alive in there.  We got out and started making our way towards building 6.

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