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Beau fanfic! Please share!! :) And I know, IT'S BEEN ONLY A WEEK BUT FACE IT WHO WOULD SAY NO? You'll get it at the end ;)

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



Beau Brooks fanfic.

Ever since you started watching the janoskians you knew very quickly you were going to become obsessed..and you did. You had 5/5 follow you on twitter, showed your love for them in every which way possible, and then a thought hit love these boys and you really want to meet them. But there was only one problem. You're in New York, and they're on the other side of the world in Melbourne. A few months had passed and you had been saving your money to try to do anything possible that could get you a step further to meeting them. You saved up $2000 and thought, \"Hmm, that should be enough for one round trip to Melbourne!\" Your mom knows about your obsession so it's no surprise to her when you walk in the kitchen and say, \"Mom, I want to meet the janoskians, and I think I might've saved enough to go to Melbourne!\" She looks at you with a funny face and says \"Honey listen. I know you're 17 but you still live under my rules and I am not at all comfortable with you being on the other side of the planet without me..I know how much it means to you but you will just have to wait until the right time comes.\" You sigh and walk back to your room, pouting. You think to yourself, there has to be a way. You sat on your bed in silence watching the rain fall to the ground, when all of the sudden, your phone goes off. Beau tweeted, \"heading off to NYC in 2 days! I hope we can meet more of our amazing fans ?\" You start to shake and then you can feel the tears coming. The janoskians are coming to your town, and you can possibly meet them. You run back into the kitchen and tell your mom the exciting news. She's so happy for you and said you could drive to the airport to meet them. That was it. Right there. You knew it was happening. You're going to meet the janoskians. The night passes and the next morning you wake up to a whole bunch of beau's tweets that you missed overnight. \"SO EXCITED to go to NYC! Only one more day!\" was one of them. You had the biggest smile on your face. You DM all the guys saying, \"so you're going to NYC tomorrow and I live there. I'm driving to the airport to see you so I look forward to meeting you!\" You wait an hour and your phone goes off again. Skip replied to your DM saying \"I look forward to meeting you as well! We will be landing at about 3pm. See you there!\" You tell your mom that you're leaving tomorrow at 2. With that information, you walk to the mall with 3 of your friends, Casey, Alison and Lexi, that are also going to meet them tomorrow with you, and go shopping for pretty outfits. You pick out a pair of skinny jeans with a white crop top and red high heels and a red necklace. By the time you get home dinner is ready so you eat and go to bed. Your mom walks in and says \"goodnight, and good luck tomorrow!\" and walks out. You try to fall asleep but you're too excited for tomorrow. You don't end up going to sleep until 4am and when you wake up it's 1:30 in the afternoon. \"Oh my gosh, I'm going to be late!\" you say. You spring out of bed and brush out your hair. You put your new outfit on and do your make up nicely. It was now 1:45 and you were surprised with how quickly you got ready. You sit down on the couch and you hear a knock at the door. It's your friends and they're excited as ever and you invite them in for a quick drink before you all head off to the airport. Finally it's 2:00 and you get in the car. You get in the drivers seat with Casey shotgun and Alison and Lexi in the back. You brought a sharpie so they all could sign the back of your phone. Then you thought to yourself, what if by some miracle you each fell in love with one of the boys? Except James, because he was dating Veronica. No way. \"I'm not pretty enough to date one of them. No way.\" You think to yourself. Lucky for you, you were the only Beau girl, while Alison liked Jai, Casey liked Luke and Lexi liked Skip. You buckle up and pull out of the driveway and head to the airport. \"I'm so excited!!!\" Lexi says. \"I wanna give Skip a kiss on the cheek for our picture!!\" she exclaims. \"Me and Beau are already dating guys, so don't go making plans,\" you joke. \"Yeah right!\" Alison laughs. Ten minutes later you arrive at the airport and head to the baggage claim area for their flight. 50 minutes later, just as scheduled, the passengers start to come down the escalators. You and your friends have your eyes wide open looking for any one of the guys. Then in the distance, you hear \"I WON'T GIVE UP ON MILK! WOOOOOOOO!\" and see Luke jump a few steps down the escalators. You start shaking and then you see Jai come up behind him and say \"Shut up luke, you're so annoying.\" Then you see James skip and beau follow Jai and you and your friends look at each other and fix each others hair. You try your best not to cry. They get to the bottom and you back up a little and they all get their bags, just as they're about to walk out, you all run up to them and you say \"Hi! We're huge fans, would you mind if we took a picture with you and sign our phones?\" Beau drops his carry on bag on the floor and smiles at you. \"Uhhh, yeah, sure..\" You thought he was aggravated by the way he said it. But then he whispered something in Luke's ear and luke said, \"He thinks you're pretty.\" And beau smacks him then blushes. You're blushing too and you just run up and give him a big hug. \"I love you so much!!\" You say. \"I love you too, you're very beautiful!\" he replies. Your friends are talking to the other guys while you're in a whole other world with beau. You ask him to sign your phone and give him the sharpie. He signs it and says, \"wanna take a picture?\" \"YES OF COURSE!!\" you say. \"Whats your name?\" he asks. \"(Y/N)\", you say. You take a picture and hug beau one last time. \"Well, I'll probably never see you again, so please never forget how much I love you!\" \"It doesn't have to be the last time you see me, if you know what I mean.\" Beau says as he smirks and pokes your stomach. \"Really?\" You ask. \"Sure!\" he smiles. \"Here, why don't you take my number, and text me sometime. Do you live here?\" \"Yes I do. And that would be awesome!\" In your head you're thinking \"Did Beau Brooks really just offer me his number?!?\" He writes down his number and gives it to you. \"Well you need to call me sometime. Well be here for the next week and I definitely want to see you again\" he smiles. You smile back and say \"I will!\" You hug him again and he bends down and kisses your cheek. He walks away and shouts \"don't forget to call me!\" as he smiles and runs up to luke. They all walk out of the airport and you walk back to your friends. \"Oh my god. BEAU GAVE ME HIS NUMBER!!\" You exclaim. \"Yeah okay\" Casey says. \"I'm not even joking!! Look!\" you say as you pull out the piece of paper with his number on it. \"Wow. You're so lucky!!\" Alison says. \"Are you going to call him?\" \"I'll text him when in the car.\" you reply. You all walk to the car and this time Casey drives so you and Alison can talk to beau. You get out your phone and type in the number. You text it, \"Hey Beau, this is (y/n), the girl you just met at the airport!\" you wait for a reply and then your phone goes off. \"Hey beautiful! I was waiting for you! ????\" The rest of the conversation: You- ? Aww. I really wanna see you again soon! Beau- Yes love, me too. I have something I want to ask you... You- yes? Beau- Would you like to go out for dinner tomorrow night? My treat ???? You- Yes I'd love to! Where and what time? Beau- It's a surprise! ???? can I pick you up at around 6? You- Yes! Here's my address :) (your address) Beau- okay I'll see you then love! Do you have a twitter? You- yes but you're already following me haha Beau- oh haha, tweet me so I can give you a shout out! You- here, it's @yourtwittername

Then your phone goes off again and it's twitter. Beau tweeted \"Just met @yourtwittername ???????????? she's so beautiful! Everyone go follow her!\" You all arrive home and then you walk around the corner to the mall and pick out a black mini skirt and a leopard print top with a black necklace and black heels. You go home and have dinner, take a shower and go to bed. You wake up around noon and see a couple new texts and tweets from beau. \"Goodmorning beautiful! Can't wait for tonight!! <3\" you reply \"me either <3\" You check your twitter feed and see you have 2000 new followers and look through your mentions. Nearly all of them are full of hate. You start to cry. You dial beaus number. Beau- Hello? You- Beau? Beau- Yes baby why are you crying? Is everything alright? You- Everyone's hating on me and saying mean things to me ever since you tweeted about me. It's just making me so upset! (You sob over the phone) Beau- Do you want me to come over? You- Can you? Beau- Of course, anything for you, princess. I'll be there in a few minutes. You- okay. I love you. Beau- I love you too.

You're home alone. You quickly get out of your pajamas and throw on some shorts and a white t-shirt and brush out your hair. There's a knock at the door and you open it and it's beau. He steps inside and you wrap your arms around him and sob on his shoulder. He holds you close. \"Everything will be alright babe, I promise. I don't like seeing you unhappy.\" He rubs your back and you both walk to your room. You lay down and he crawls up behind you and snuggles with you. You fall asleep for an hour and then you both wake up. It was 2. \"(y/n), will you be my girlfriend?\" Beau says. \"Of course I will!\" you say happily. \"Yay\" he says. He looks into your eyes and kisses you deeply. Slowly it gets more intense and things are heating up.

???????????? Several hours later...

You're fast asleep in beaus arms when your phone goes off. You wake up and remember that you set an alarm to remind yourself to get ready for the date. \"Beau, we have to leave in an hour.\" you say. He wakes up and says in a sexy tired voice, \"Oh yeah.\" He sits up shirtless and rubs his eyes and you stare at his abs and smirk. He laughs and gets up in only his boxers. You both put your clothes on and get ready for the date. When you're done, you walk out to see him looking really good. He's wearing dark jeans and a flannel t shirt and his Abercrombie cologne. You walk up to him and give him a hug. He wraps your head in his chest and says \"you look gorgeous baby.\" And pulls you back and kisses your lips. \"Ready to go?\" you say. \"Ready as ever\" he says smiling. You put your shoes on and get your jacket. \"Wanna take my car babe?\" You ask. \"Yeah, this rental sucks.\" he replies. You both walk out to your car and Beau gets in the drivers seat. You buckle up and he drives off. \"Are you going to tell me where were going now?\" you say. \"I told you, it's a surprise!\" Beau says with a smile. You smile and enjoy the ride when Beau pulls into Olive Garden and says \"The surprise has just begun,\" as he smirks. You get out and sit down at your table. Beau gets out his phone and tweets \"On a date with my beautiful new girl @yourtwittername ?\" and your phone goes off. You turn the volume down and start a conversation. You- So why do you like me? Beau- Well how many reasons do you want? ;) You- All of them babe! :) Beau- We're gonna be here a long time! Well for one, you're beautiful, you're the most amazing girl I've ever seen in my life and when I met you I knew that you were the one. I couldn't let an opportunity like that slide. You're so sweet too, and I want to be the one there to protect you when you're upset.

He grabs your hand, \"I just love you so much. And don't let the hate get to you,\" he says as he kisses it. This makes you smile. \"I love you too,\" you say. \"But I love you more\" he argues. After dinner you check your phone and see 7 missed calls from your mom. \"Uh oh.\" You say. \"What's the matter babe? Are you alright?\" Beau asks. \"My mom called me 7 times and I'm probably in trouble now. I have to call her back.\" you say. You walk to the bathroom and call your mom. Her- (y/n), are you okay? You- am I in trouble? Her- no, but I've been worried! You- Sorry, I was out with beau.. Her- Hurry back home. You- I want to stay with beau... Her- you need to come home. It's getting late. You- Mom, I'm not a little kid anymore! I'm going to be 18 next month and I'm going to college in a few months! Stop treating me like I'm 5! Geez! Her- Excuse me?! You- No mom, you're not excused, I'm fed up with this! I'm done! I'm staying with beau, that's the end of it. So stop treating me like a little kid and we wouldn't be having this conversation!

You hang up and tears stream from your face. You walk back out to see beau waiting for you. Him- What's wrong babe? You- My mom. She thinks I'm 2 years old I'm sick of it! She wants me home but I told her no. It's about time I stood up to her. I've had it. Lets just get out of here. Him- It's ok, I'm here for you. Do you want to come back to my hotel room for the night? You- Yeah that would be nice :) Him- Alright babe lets go.

He takes your hand and walks back to the car. You get in and beau drives to his hotel 15 minutes away. When you get there, he takes you up to his room. \"Make yourself at home, baby,\" Beau says. \"Aw man, I don't have pajamas..\" You remember. \"There's a store downstairs, I'll go buy you a pair love. Be right back!\" Beau says as he goes out the door. Meanwhile you're by yourself and you walk out in the hallways when Jai and Luke come out of their bedrooms. Luke- hey (y/n). How's Bew? You- haha, he's amazing. I love him so much. Jai- where is he? You- Getting me pajamas. I wouldn't have made him go but he was out the door too quick to let me even say anything haha. Jai- typical.

Beau runs around the corner with a huge bag. \"Stay away from her or I'll put a sloth in your bedroom when you're sleeping.\" Beau says. Jai and Luke run in their rooms and shut the door while you stand their laughing. \"Let's go in babe,\" he says taking your hand and pulling you in. \"Beau that's an awful big bag for just pajamas,\" you say. He first pulls out a dozen red roses for you, followed by a spaghetti strap red lace nightgown. He hands you the roses. You- Aww babe you're so sweet! Beau- Nah.. You get changed and lay down on the bed next to beau. He turns over and kisses you and you two fall asleep in each others arms.

The Morning...

You- Beau how long are you staying here? Beau- oh my goodness. How could I do this to myself? I can't leave you! I have 3 more days but still, I can't leave you! Oh my god baby, I'm so sorry. I have to figure out a way to make this work. You- Babe it's okay, if Jai and Ariana can do it, so can we. Don't worry.

You give him a tight hug.

You- I love you. Beau- I love you too.

3 days later...

Beau is packing up, tears rolling down his face. \"(Y/n), I can't do this. I can't leave you. I could never do that,\" he says. You're speechless, thinking of all the things you can do to be with him. \"Babe what if I Skype you every night and text you every minute of every day?\" you suggest. \"It's not the same. You don't understand.\" He takes your hand and sets you on the bed. \"Baby, I've only known you for about a week now, but it's not hard to say that you're my everything. I've never laid my eyes on someone as beautiful, kind, and loving as you. If anything would happen to you I'd die. You truly are the one. I never want to be apart from you. That's how much you mean to me.\" he says. You hug him tight. A couple minutes later it's time to head to the airport. Luke, Jai, Skip and James take the rental car while you and beau ride separately in your car. When you arrive, they all check in and before beau enters the security line, he turns to you. Before he can open his mouth you lean in and kiss him passionately for a few minutes. His hands move down your spine, slipping into your back pocket. He takes them out, and stares into your eyes, \"I love you, (y/n).\" He says as a tear rolls down his cheek. \"But I love you more,\" you say. \"I'll see you around,\" he says. He walks off, and turns back and blows a kiss to you. You wave and smile, hiding away your pain. He walked through the gate to the plane, and you started crying silently to yourself. You turn around to walk out the doors, when you feel a sharp pain in your back pocket. You reach in, and pull something out. It's a beautiful silver diamond engagement ring, with \"Love, Beau\" written in cursive engraved on the band.

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