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Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015




He was mute. There was no flaw, he had simply never considered the concept of communicating. He was new-born. There was sound - that could not be heard, light - without source, feelings - without thought.

Remy grew fast.

Remy loved the chaotic, disorder and mess, of his existence. He saw form, and liked to create shapes. Well, just one mainly. He loved spheres. Put a lump of dough into a mind not conscious of thought and it will probably make a sphere.


He is the strongest, most proficient and loveliest of my many, many children. Hunger is never an issue. His appetite is ferocious but he always feeds himself. I neither have to praise nor discipline him. He is creative and knows how to have fun.

“What a vivid imagination you have Remy”

“There’s a good boy Remy, never too happy, never too sad.”

Now he is older. He has his own children who speak and communicate amongst themselves, yet they cannot understand him and Remy does not try to understand them. They make a mess too, an inconceivably small one, but still a mess.

None creates like Remy.

And now we are here. Now, before and after. Remy creates. He grows and does not stop. He has grown and died. He is everything all around and something where there is nothing.

The most beautiful, expressive, unwavering collection of everything…

Without feeling, thought, emotion or soul.

He creates.

He is Remy.

He is the Universe.



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