Joe Dean

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote it in 4th grade

Joe Dean  the Awesome Bean!


Chapter 1


Hello  my name is Joe Dean. I time travel young people. I like to cut the weeds in my ferocious garden man.  I am 25 and  beast at time traveling, I think i said that already. Is your name funny like mine young people. So one day I was time traveling. I saw an evil Anunnaki UFO. They live on the planet Nibiru.  They have more technology than me! I love Nibiru. They fly all over the place. I once was captured by an evil Anunnaki. They held me captive at their evil lab.

Let me tell you about being captured. They did experiments on me. They licked my brown cheek. They said it was a beany taste. After experiments they patched me up and took their pinkie finger , stuck it my ear took out my earwax and ate it. They put me in a gas chamber and made me hallucinate.

After I fell out of the hole I fell on to Los Santos barber shop. I talked to a group of people about being captured. They thought I was crazy. They sent me to

a mental institution.  At the mental institution there was a psycho and a murder there.  They gave me carrots, peaches and salty vinegar to eat. They psycho tried to eat me! I escaped the illuminati castle of creeps. I went to the evil Anunnaki UFO. They were doing experiments on another bean. I grabbed one the other one hit me a scale. Bean juice came out of my shoulder. I grabbed the other bean and pushed him out the capturing hole. Then I ran and jumped out of the hole. After I fell I got bit by a spider. It was poisonous. I ran home crying.  The Anunnaki ate me for dinner though.


son of joe dean the awesome bean

chapter 2

We have all heard the story of joe dean the awesome bean, but we haven't all heard the story of joe dean's son! Joe dean's son was just being born when joe dean died. Joe dean's son is named Joda dean. Joda dean is 17 but he plans to get the annunaki that ate his dad.  That bean's son that joe dean saved,  is joda’s best friend batnem frien. batnem and joda are planning an attack for tonight. Joda and batnem are attacking the whole planet of nibiru there dropping 10 atammic bombs and  flying in joe deans  space teleporter. batnem and joda have arrived. there are not many anunnaki on nibiru. KABOOM KABOOM KPOW KNOE! the bombs went off. joda and batnem were on the run but annunaki cops new there plan and arrested them both. batnem escaped the jail and left joda to rot. batnem got eaten  by his cellmate that was his sister. joda was like omg that beast.  batnem was a jerk  to me. then joda escaped prison and ate batnems cell mate.  joda and his cellmate destroyed nibiru and was like ahjs. and joda fell in love with a princess\

Joda  and his gf were getting married. his cellmate is his best man. the date is 3/18/2793

 there buying a hundred million dollar house and they didn't live happily ever after because its not a stupid fairy tale.


THE DEACON family Vs  The Dean family. for planet Battle Cone. Chapter 3


The DEACON returned from planet Aralia and started to attack everyone on planet Battle cone AKA PLANET BEAN. because the Dean's put the Anunnaki in extinction. The Deacon brought the Deans To Aralia planet. on the way they stole a few cows. They are doing a cow dissection. did it the fastest wins Then a wrestling match.  and for the end a Laser Tag battle with real laser beams

Joda, Bruce Winger, ( joda’s cellmate.),  Skyler the otter( joda’s wife) and Bobby Dogg. First up was cow dissecting. When Joda saw the cow heart he was like hegwer. Bobby Dog laughed. Of course Bruce Winger ate the cows lung and had a heart attack. Joda won the wrestling match but Bobby Dogg got knocked out. it was Up to Skyler the otter and Joda to save the planet. Lasertag the Deans won because they are archery masters but they still lost Planet Battle CONE.



Chapter 4


Let's talk about book thre well basically Joda eliminated the annunaki race and a new alien

species the Deacons, took over the planet of battle cone, and are gonna Atimic  oh wasn't supposed to tell u about the Atimic bomb . Since you know about the Atimic bomb  let's start talking.

Ok so hold on I need to think for a second…

 Joda is planning to drop an atimic bomb on the planet of aralia but skyler works for a waste county that makes Atimic bombs so they have a 120 Atimic bombs, and has a few guys that want the Deacons eliminated mostly because the Deacons took over planet Battle Cone and have created Neftali 101 for almost everybody that the deacons find. Skyler can change into a otter and into a bean. So skyler hasn't gotten sent to Neftali 101. BYne , Joda, and Skyler Are gonna Break the walls down on netali 101 and BYne will beat the wwbouvy out of neftali the leader of the deacons and take a bite out of him. Neftali most prized guard  Jermaine. Will be a big match for Joda. Joda and BYne are dropping the bombs W H H HH HHhhh Hh hB  my Banna move in BYne.Jermaine threw BYne into the god pool of Bananas. Jermaine grabbed Skyler the Otter Joda grabbed Jermaine and smashed his head on  a brock ( a rock from space  that with gum on it)

at least the gum stopped the bean juice from coming out of him. Jermaine grabbed Joda and joda fell into a ostarch home.Out of the blue Joe dean Grabs Jermaine and Joe dean ate Jermaine's arm  and Jermaine fell into the banana pool of gods. but he fell on a brock and lived. Joe Dean used a teleporter fling and found joda my boy i love you now jump in this teleporter to meet your mother Cap Dean she has  been captured by Deacons since you were well i don't know when you were born. I remeber time traveling to the future and finding you on a cliff about to fall into the Banana pool of gods. Joe dean first person now. Come on son I know I wasnt around when u were little but I was endager if u want to survive then get in this teleporter and i will explain.

Ok i understand Father I have so many questions joda dean says.  Teleporting initiated BZZUZBZBZBZ. Wow that was a stiff ride.  Yeah I guess Joda says. Hey listen up I will bring you to the dinosaur age if you don’t stop being a little punk. Cap get this kid to listen. Joda I am sending you to cow tail if you don’t stop being rude to your father. NOO not cow tail mother. Yes I am calling now , Mr.T i need to send Joda to cow tail, Okay Okay Cap says. Joe Mr.T will have big wonk Skyler the Otter here in an hour. One hour later.  big wonk here NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Not big wonk. HAHAHAHA Joda i have bucket of milk. Not the milk. Joda jumped in Joe deans teleporter and went to the buzzy blank error. jodas point of view :D . Its so see through. I cant see a thing atlest i got away from that diamond encrusted oath. or as my mom calls her big wonk. I can’t believe joda would do that. Big Wonk said. Joda No!!! Joe Dean said.

BAck to joda point of view.  Big wonk  is crazy. She was gonna eat me. She went totally berserk last time she came. I ended up losing one of my 2 hearts. So now I get hurt easily. Back at the Dean house.  heah my name is DEEZ NUTS ! i am here to kill youuu. deez nuts, jermaine, and Neftali are all here joe dean shoots neftali he dies he's like, I am really dead bruh . then he kills jermaine deez nuts kills big wonk a and cap dean. DEez Nuts runs neftali gets up and teeleports to buzzy blank error.


Chapter 5

 Aidyn is there Neftali u killed them all. Jeff goes lures aidyn. Jeff and Neftali go and try to find Joda but out  of no where joda hits a 720 no scope on jeff. Jeff uses glitch and restarts time for good.


thats what everyone thinks.!.

Chapter 6  


Roaming on the Og streets with dino’s wasn’t to easy bruh. It was just Aidyn was Awesome and never lost he always killed the dinos. Joda and Aidyn once got into a fight and  Aidyn knocked out Joda. But out of the blue a dinosaur attacked aidyn and almost killed him.Joda and Aidyn agreed to never fight again because of what happened with the dinosaur almost killing them both. A week late Aidyn was captured by Jeff and taken to his secret hide out

But Aidyn did the secret call for help and joda came but unfortunately Jeff was ready and had Eugene reach into his backpack, and We all know the Golden Rule when Eugene reaches into his backpack you know its time to run.


Submitted: January 17, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Joe Dean. All rights reserved.

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