My Need For Revenge...

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Submitted: February 16, 2008

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Submitted: February 16, 2008



Something happened to me long ago
An incident that has forever changed me
A tale that I can never tell
That will haunt me until I take my last breath

I am troubled by the frequency I think of it
The horror continually replays in my mind
Knowing that I have no outlet for my nightmare
Only further fills my soul with terror.

No one can help make the images in my head disappear
Nothing anyone can do will make them stop
It feels as if retribution is the only solution
The only way that I can erase the past

There comes a time in life when confrontation is necessary
When I must make stand against my foe
Quit running away from them, seeking refuge
Finish what was started against my will.

HIS acts were inexcusable
HE had no right
HE ruined my life
HE created a monstrosity

I want HIM to suffer
Suffer like I have for all these years
Live HIS time left in horrendous pain
I want HIM to burn in hell

The day will come when HE is frail
I will be there at bedside as HE dies
I will tell the WORLD what he had done
And rid myself of my nightmare

That time for me will come soon
I will get the revenge that I am owed
HIS Death will not be by my hand
That is my only regret

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