Then She Came Along...

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Just a little poem about finding my new love

Submitted: February 16, 2008

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Submitted: February 16, 2008



Eventually all things will change for the better
At least that is what everyone tells me
I refused to believe that whenever it was said
I never thought anything good would happen to me

She changed that, changed everything
She created a safe place for my battered heart
Someplace my heart could feel safe and wanted
Somewhere it could finally call home again

I wasn't looking for anything when I found her
I was simply minding my own business
She ran into me
I fell helplessly into her grasp

I have not known her very long
But all I can think about is her
I catch my mind wandering, daydreaming
All the while wondering when I will awaken

She seems like a dream come true
She wants nothing from me except for my affection
She seems too perfect to be real
I keep waiting for the harsh grip of reality to crush me again

I awaken every day to your wonderful voice
A voice that chases away all of the demons from my past
She tells me my past doesn't matter
While reassuring me that this is real

Up until now life has not been kind to us
We have both had more than our share of pain
We can only hope that our hearts will no longer bleed
That we have finally shed our last tears

Only time will tell what fate has in store
We continue to hope for the best
Hoping that our feelings will be returned
Ending our loneliness, ending our suffering

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