A secret never told

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two friends miss the chance to tell each other the truth.
First person narrative, switches to third person

A secret never told 

Shannon sat In Front of me drinking her coke. 
Her soft blue eyes staring at me with such fierce attention, that I found it hard to hold her gaze.
We were arguing again, god help the person who disagrees with her.
Since we talked about philosophy we argued a lot.
In a friendly way.
I watched her blond hair fly across her face as she explicitly disagreed with me.
We talk for hours at a time, yet I can never get up the courage to tell her how I really feel.
After about an hour of arguing, and yet another unanswered question to add to the list she suddenly proclaimed.
" come on then you've got to catch the last train, you can't crash at my place again."
She downed her drink.
Thankfully she walked me to the station.
All too quickly the time came for us to part ways.
Sensing my despondency she gave me a hug, neither of us wanted to let go.
However, soon a sharp whistle blast told me I had mere seconds to get on the train.
We let go.

Shannon let go of MIke And stood on the platform until he disappeared.
She left the station and began walking home.
Walking along the street she was cautious at first, but her mind soon drifted back to Mike.
She found herself walking automatically.
She ended up on a dark road, the street lights were out and the houses had thier curtains drawn.
She was too distracted and did not look before crossing. 
She had as little time to react as the driver did.
The car hit her body with an incredible amount of force, sending her sprawling to the ground.
She was aware only of an extreme amount of pain, and a warmth traveling slowly from her forehead down her face.
She vaguely heard the car as it sped away.
She began to feel weak and dizzy .
Shannon tried to get up but found it too painful.
She heard herself say in a voice that wasn't quite her own 
" help" 
But none came.
Her thoughts turned to Mike and their final goodbye.
She smiled softly to herself.
Then thought no more.
She was dead.

Submitted: February 12, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Joe kennedy. All rights reserved.

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