Its scary, but kind of romantic.

As the mist rolls across the floor, a traveller investigates tales of blood and gore.
The legend tells of a terrible beast,on entire villages it did feast.
A Stoney cave is where it makes its home ignoring advice the traveller walks there alone.
As she approached the cave she froze at what she saw, a ghastly creature with skin like a boar.

It lifted its lips and unleashed a growl, with its yellow teeth and breath so fowl.
When she looked into the beasts glowing red eyes, she remembered the final part of the legend, it never dies.
Her first instinct was to draw her gun when that had no effect she was forced to run.
When it seemed inevitable that death would come she stopped to face the beast, she was done.
As the demon approached she was gripped by fear its hatred she could see and anger she could hear.

When it stopped in front of her she was incredibly glad, this feeling vanished however when she realised that it was sad.
She then witnessed a conflict between anger and pain, she now felt sorry for the beast with no name.
When it lifted its clawed hand and gestured for her to go , she realised this was the greatest kindness that it could show 
The traveller now understood the beast did not want money power or even the throne for the most part it just wanted to be left alone.

She saw past the claws to the person inside she imagined skin instead of hairy hide.
When she got closer it stepped back, no doubt it thought she was going to attack.
Its eyes became focused on her feet, there moment of trust had been rather fleet.
She put her hand out in the middle of the air, the one thing she did not want to do was scare.

After so much violence for so long, she definitely did not want to act wrong.
The creature inclined its great head, this action spoke more than any words could of said.
She held its paw and said farewell, when she got back to town, oh the stories she would tell.
As soon as she got there though they all called her mad and said preposterous the beast cannot be sad.

They soon set out with sword and gun, she even heard one say that it would be fun. 
As they all headed out far to the east she found herself questioning who was the real beast.
She knew that they were headed for almost certain doom, as they would no doubt find out pretty soon.
Of the fifteen that set out none came back, with that she began to pack.

She now found that she wanted to live in the wild compared to the humans the beast seemed mild 
After hours of travelling she could walk no more, weariness found her and she fell to the floor.
Eventually she found the strength to go on she just prayed to all the gods she wasn’t wrong 
When she got to the cave the beast gestured with its arm, she knew from then on she would never come to harm. 

Submitted: February 13, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Joe kennedy. All rights reserved.

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