The waking door

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Travel between the wakeful world , and the world of dreams.

when you sleep there is usually a door, a place to escape and say no more. 
But it goes wrong and your caught with no way out, 
this is terrifying, without a doubt. 
In the depths of darkness lurks a beast,
 on all those unaware it does feast, 
when you are trapped by it the dream becomes real, 
be under no illusion, 
all pain you will feel. 
it never leaves, 
just lies in wait, it will make you see things and use people as bait. 
it will taint and corrupt all things fine, 
i hate this monster, 
this beast, 
this nemesis of mine. 
it uses cunning and and deception to win your heart, 
this is before it stabs you with a poison dart. 
if you wish to avoid the blood and gore,
 be sure to never ever close the waking door.
 once it finds you it will not fight fair, i
 t will do anything to keep you in its lair. 
if you die in the dream it will never let you go,
 you will be trapped for eternity and no mercy will it show. 
this beast feels no anger, 
no guilt and no shame, 
it is only ever happy when causing someone pain. 
if you can kill it in the dream then you will wake, 
and think it all a dream, an illusion, a fake. 
but even then, it still lies in wait, 
no amount of souls can its hunger slate. 
it is still waiting when you fall asleep, 
hiding in the darkest caves deep. 
from this monsters appetite there is no escape,
 it will always be there when you make a mistake. 
despite the dream world being incredibly vast, 
it will always find you, and fast. 
your confusion it can hear and fear it can smell, 
with no compassion, this truly is a monster from hell. 
if you wish to avoid the blood and gore, remember to never ever close, the waking door.

Submitted: February 13, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Joe kennedy. All rights reserved.

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