Bored and Pissed!

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Submitted: March 17, 2015

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Submitted: March 17, 2015



Restless anger has assumed control, pulling the strings

Of the Marinette that is me; I can't even explain why, what, or who

Is to blame; just lashing out for lashing out's sake

I guess if I'm honest I'm really angry at the face in the mirror;

It's a leering, judgmental face that thinks it knows best

"Well, screw you!" I yell, but it doesn't seem to care,

Which only serves to piss me off even more

The arrogance of that face, "I know best, and I think it's best

If you don't take that particular path!" it seems to criticize silently

"Oh yeah, idiot; if you're always going to be there,

I just won't look in the mirror anymore; how do you like that?"

The jerk-off doesn't answer, smug self-righteous bastard; 

"Answer me, damn you!"

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