Grandpa and the Coffee

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Grandma served Grandpa Hot Coffee every morning. From the Talkin' Texan Book.

Grandpa and the Coffee Grandpa always had several steaming hot cups of coffee during breakfast and Grandma would always pour the coffee into his cup for him. She would notice that he needed a refill on coffee and would ask him, “Joe, would you like some more coffee?” Grandpa would always say, “Yes, please” and Grandma would bring the coffee pot over from the stove to the kitchen table and would pour the coffee into Grandpa’s cup. When the coffee was nearing the rim of the cup, Grandpa would say “Whoa.” Grandma would respond, “Joe Brucks, I’m NOT a horse!” Grandpa would just smile, chuckle, and then take the coffee from the cup and pour it into the saucer. He would then proceed to drink his coffee from the saucer. As a young boy, I saw him drink coffee this way for many years and I always thought that this was the purpose for the saucer under the coffee cup. Each time that Grandpa would say “Whoa,” Grandma would stop pouring the coffee. One morning, Grandpa was having his breakfast and his coffee cup was getting low. Grandma asked him if he would like some more and he said, “Yes, please.” Grandma started pouring the coffee and when it was close to the rim of the cup, Grandpa said “Whoa.” Grandma just kept right on pouring and the coffee started to go over the rim of the cup. “Whoa,” Grandpa said. “Whoa!” The coffee was running out of the coffee cup and into the saucer, then over the saucer and going onto the red-and-white checkered tablecloth. I lifted up my plate from the table and scooted out of the way. “Whoa,” Grandpa said. “Whoa!” The hot coffee was running across the tablecloth and dropping onto the floor. Grandpa was flabbergasted and in a panic. Grandma kept pouring. “Whoa, whoa!” he said, which had always worked in the past. “Joe Brucks, I’m NOT a horse,” Grandma said. Grandpa said, “That’s enough, please,” and Grandma finally stopped pouring the coffee. Grandpa never again said “Whoa” to Grandma. Joe Kent Roberts (C) 2002

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