Lugar and Bedtime

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It was very difficult to get Lugar to go to sleep, until we discovered the Secret.

Submitted: October 04, 2015

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Submitted: October 04, 2015



Lugar and Bedtime

For some reason Lugar despised going to sleep at bedtime. He would throw tantrums, and scream bloody murder whenever we asked Lugar to go to sleep at night. Naturally we tried reading Bedtime Stories, but he would fight sleep with every ounce of his mind and body. “Warm milk” didn’t work, and Miranda balked at my suggestion of giving Luther some warm beer.

One bright and starry night while we were attempting to put Lugar to sleep Miranda remembered that she had forgotten to buy Lugar’s favorite cereal for his morning breakfast. Lugar adored going to the Grocery Store and his very favorite aisles were the aisles with cereals, cookies, candy, ice cream and toys.

“Lugar, would you like to go to the store with us; we are all out of Cheerios for your breakfast tomorrow?”

We all piled into the car and Lugar attentively and actively bounced around in the backseat. He couldn’t wait to arrive at the store and ask for more television advertised cereals, cookies, candies, ice creams, and toys. Our fully stocked grocery store is just about four blocks away. We have two stop signs and just two traffic lights. This short trip isn’t long enough to receive the “are we there yet” question?

Within two blocks Lugar was fast asleep!!! Tah dah! After years of trying to get Luther to go to sleep at bedtime, we accidently found the solution by “forgetting” Cheerios. (No, the moral of the story is Not --- Don’t forget the Cheerios.)

However, we now relished discovering our nightly time saver, or should I say our nightly frustration saver. Now all we need to do near Luther’s bedtime was to say:

“Luther, we need to go to the grocery store.”

A short car ride beneath the stars would put Luther to sleep within minutes.

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