Lugar and the Spilt Cereal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Need more Entertainment and Adventure in Life? Do you Dream of getting married and having children?

Lugar and the Spilt Cereal

Early one Saturday morning I strolled down the hallway, wearing my Hush Puppies, and as I was rounding the corner leading into the kitchen, I spotted Lugar hovering over a spilt bowl of milk and cereal. He looked up and saw me and said,

“Wow Pop, you’re not gonna believe this!

“What happened?” I quietly asked.

“I was bringing my bowl of cereal to the kitchen table when this big 8 foot tallhairy monster came thru the door and said,

“Hey kid, gimme that bowl of cereal!”

“I tried to hide the cereal next to my side and I said,

“No, this is My bowl of cereal; You can’t have it!”

“Gimme that cereal kid!”


“Then he knocked the bowl of cereal out of my hand and it landed on the floor, and the monster ran outside into the backyard and jumped over the fence.”
(I walked towards our Sliding Glass Patio Door, which the Big Harry Monster had thoughtfully closed before dashing thru our snow covered back yard to terrorize and steal some other kid’s cereal. The Big Harry Monster left invisible footprints in the snow.)

(Note: Yes, children tell lies to keep from getting into trouble and receiving a spanking. Naturally, I try not to do, or say anything to thwart my children’s incredible imaginations .)

Returning from the Patio Door, I said,

“OH, wow, you really are lucky. I believe you, but maybe Mom won’t; let’s hurry and clean up this mess before Mom comes into the kitchen.”
It’s said that Little Boys are made of Bugs, and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails, however since Lugar thought I believed his Tall Tale he was all Sugar, and Spice, and Everything Nice, (and very helpful) as I retrieved the Broom, Mop, Dustpan, and Paper Towels to clean-up a bowl of spilt milk and Cheerios.
A few days later I walked into the Kitchen, and my 15 month-old toddler, Samuel, was standing over a full box of spilt Cheerios. I looked at Samuel and said, “What happened?”
Diaper clad Samuel pointed directly at Sweet Boy, our cat, who was slowly walking towards the spilt Cheerios.
“Samuel, don’t blame Sweet Boy. Cats don’t eat cereal.”

(The pitter-patter of tiny feet will always lead to spills, splatters, a house in tatters, denials, and Tall Tales from very Imaginative Minds.)

Copyright 2007 Joe Kent Roberts

Submitted: October 08, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Joe Kent Roberts. All rights reserved.

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