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An exploration of the bible and science.

Submitted: August 08, 2007

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Submitted: August 08, 2007





 There are the hardcore types out there that read the bible and take what is written within it as the one true word, oddly, these people are right in their own way but because of the dynamics of my mainly secular upbringing, I could not follow so easily the teachings contained within a book that was written in excess of a thousand years before I was born. I realised that for the only way for me to go forward, was to confront the hard issues that I had with the bible, and to try to understand and make it part of my life relevent to todays society where science and knowledge tell us so much about the things around us. So, I hope you enjoy what ive come up with(short as it may be) as much as I have enjoyed the many years which it has taken me to build up these philosophies. I truly hope that these writings may bring light to those who may find themselves in darkness, and maybe offer others a new take on their own ideas.

Let us begin with what I truly beleive. Nothing I write here or any observations I make are taken lightly, or written spontaneously, everything you read has been meticulously deliberated by myself over a long time of great reflection, in where, I as both a student of science, and a lover of the word of God and the bible, have tried to understand how the two fit together. There exists more then we know in this Universe, and upon reflection, I guess God if he exists in his own way let me travel along the path of enlightenment at my own pace, finding out for myself at my own pace what things there are that cannot be seen. I have seen the worst of things, upon reflection, perhaps I saw the worst of it all because as a person, I am inhernetly suspicious and predisposed to examing a persons bad side before I move on to the good. It is more a defence mechanism of my own I suppose rather then some morbid desire to find the worst in all of us. So, my belief. I as a person am convinced that there is more to this world then what we can touch or see. I have experienced things that can only be regarded as 'supernatural' or 'divine' I guess you would put it. The picture of God that I was painted when I was growing up as a young catholic however, I cannot seem to join to my current vision of the world and the god we are meant to beleive in as christians and catholics. I do however, beleive that there is an entity, or perhaps even multiple beings in for lack of a better expression the spirit world which act alot like the god in the texts and scriptures, but I cant seem to within myself, join the two together. They just seem different. So yes, I beleive that God exists, I beleive that Jesus existed, and I beleive that the God spoken of in the bible is the very same one I have come to know. Though I feel that his full story is not revealed in the bible, only part of it. Almost as though there is more to him then just the stories the bible tells of. Logically, this must be so but in hindsight, it seems like it is the same reason why I cannot seem to associate the god I learned of in my childhood to the one I have come to know now, who seems to have more dimensions then just the fabled fire and brimstone, thunderbolt casting supreme being.

Back when I was in my mid twenties, I got appendicidis and could of died. I realised that it was science that had saved me, and had I lived a few hundred years earlier, I probably would of died. This granted me a new respect for science, which is why I was not so skeptical of it as an alternative to the bible stories. It was only later that I realised that the two can actually be complimentary to one and other. For as far back as I can remember, people on either side of the fence have tried vehemently to discredit the other. The biblists dismiss science as some illusion made to stray us from the word, whilst the scientists claim the bible and its religion does similar and just simply dosent stack up in the world of science. I began trying to unravel the entire puzzle, and I said to myself that I was going to try and find god if he existed for myself, though as a scientist the compulsion to dismiss such an ideal was very great.


Foolishness of ignorance.

Well, not truly beleiving, I decided to try to find god, and I decided, that even though I thought that he probably didnt exist, I would embark upon my search for him and whilst doing so purport that he did exist. Doing this allowed me to talk to him, though sometimes I felt silly and was convinced I was talking to myself. As a scientist, objectively , I thought to myself, there is no way I can completely disprove his existance(no scientist can), thus for this search, I must put aside my personal thoughts on the matter and pursue it in a scientific manner. So, my first appeal to god was this.

The first appeal

In a world of such evils and conmen by the thousands, how can you expect me to believe the word of men when they say you exist? Having been tricked and conned in the past, I refuse to beleive the word of men regarding your existance because the world is full of wickedness. If you wish me to follow your ways, you must somehow convince me you exist without using the word of men. Of course, It does not take long to realise, that without the word of men, the only way God could conceivably prove his existance, is to either appear before me, or perform a miracle.

The first appeal answered

Well, I waited half heartedly for Gods response, almost certain that none would be forthcoming as i beleived that he didnt exist. I waited for him to appear, and I waited for a miracle. None came. Then one day, I just seemed to gain some enlightenment. It was hard to explain, but it just felt like this had come from God, and I gesticulated over it trying to come up with a response, I came up with none. I had been silenced. My enlightenment was this. What is faith? God asks us to have faith in him. For what is faith? the beleif in something without solid evidence supporting it. This is why God would not appear before me, or perform a miracle to show he exists. But why is faith so important? faith is freedom. This is extremely important and must be understood. Think about the difference between faith and knowledge. Faith, gives us a choice, knowledge gives us none. If we KNOW god exists, then only a complete idiot would disobey his word, for if we KNOW god exists, then so must heaven and hell. What this means is that we will be given no choice to follow or not if we know whats good for us, and he cannot test us, for we KNOW he exists. Thus, untill we pass on to the next world and our tests are done, faith is the only barrier which keeps freedom alive and makes us what we are. I'm here to tell you, if you seek proof of gods existance, you will NEVER find it, except in your heart. To find proof of gods existance and parade it about for others, takes away their decision to follow or not, and thus removes the test god gives us all to test our hearts. I cannot explain this concept enough as it is incredibly important so I will summarise it one last time. Proof of god removes the necessity of faith. More importantly, it removes the ability to choose our own paths, which he wants us to do. Even the most faithfull can be tempted if they are not sure god exists, but if they have proof god exists, then temptation loses its power when one KNOWS that hell awaits the evil and wicked. This makes us robots and slaves to his word which negates the very reason he created us, to be free of will so he can test us.

The second appeal

My second appeal to god was this. There are many religions in the world. If I seek to find you, how can I be sure which one is real and truly representive of you? Following a false god is a sin, but take into account the information highway before me(web) and the many religions that each ask of me to follow. How can I possibly tell which is the one that represents you? Surely you do not expect me to take the word of those that call me to their side, as they may indeed be conmen or misguided.

The second appeal answered

A while later, a realisation came to me, that god, having created the world, would of had to of had a hand in the creation of all these subsequent mainstream religions. It cannot be denied that god is the creator of everything by those that embrace the faith, so, it is not a great leap to understand that he also had a hand in the creation of all the religions in the world. But why? I imagined the voice of god speaking to me, and what he said was this.

"I have set the world upon itself to test the hearts of men. I have had a hand in each of these religions, but it is men which make them what they are today. If the hearts of men are pure and wise, and filled with love for one another, despite the hurdles I have set, the world would be a place of love and peace. Instead, it is a pit of hatred and fanatical uprising. One faith purports to be better then the other, when all should be equal. In the teachings of each of these faiths, hides the way forward, humility, love for ones fellow man and the respect for their beleifs. Those religions that seek to force a faith upon the peoples, succeed in nothing but forming an army of mindless drones. Faith should be the centre of love, and thus attract followers in this way, not through acts of violence and fear, this is the path to darkness."


The third appeal

Why is the world such a horrible place? Why do you allow terrible crimes, children murdered, great catastrophes, wars, hardship and hunger? If this is your world, why have you made it a hell hole? Why don't you save those poor souls that cry out in agony for you to help them?

The third appeal answered

Again, a vision of a voice replying to me came after a while.

"What you ask, is that I end the world. These things that you speak of, are not my doing, but the doing of men. It is not I who, kill, torcher, create hunger. It is the hearts of men. Look about the world and ask yourself, does there need to be any hunger at all? Does there need to be any war at all? The answers are no, save that for the hearts of men, fueled by greed and hatred. These traits create war and hunger, and the evils which follow such things. But know that it is not my doing, and know also that all are responsible for those that suffer. There exists in the world a great imbalance, and if you cannot rectify this issue, soon, I will as I have in past, and you will know that I am the Lord."

What I drew from this is that God is referring to wealth and the fact that a small percentage of the world lives in extreme prosperity, whilst the rest lives in extreme poverty and hunger. There exists the power right now to change the world for the better, to feed ALL of the hungry and save all the desitute and poverty stricken. We have the power, and if we do not use it soon, catastrophe will befall us all.

The fourth appeal

What would you suggest to fix the world? Everybody always shifts responsibility and things like aid are sometimes politically tainted, the world is just too complex to change like you say as there are enemies, and those that would seek to destroy and conquer and enslave. The dynamic of the world is just too dangerous to change it without your help. What would you propose we do?

The fourth appeal answered

"The world of which you are part should be driven by love and faith, it is not, and this is not your doing. Men have gained riches through material things and made currency the master to all who now reside in the world. Therefore this is what poisons it. Currency is what seperates the hungry from their food, the destitute from their shelter, the faithfull from their church. I will explain to you how it is that you can save this world, but, its salvation shall be relient on the hearts and generosity of men, not by my will. Every man, woman and child in the world is to be made part of the same family, regardless of past, beleif, crime. EVERY man woman and child, all part of my family. Since currency is required at this time to live, it shall be given as follows. There will be one great account created. The account of Humanity. Every man woman and child on the planet will be an equal benefactor to this account, regardless of where they are, who they are, and their crimes. The one account will be split into equal portions among all humanity. Any of legal age will be able to draw on thier portion of the account anywhere in the world. The account will be filled by the wealthy and faithfull in the world to feed their poorer brothers and sisters. A reserve of 60% shall always remain in the account to be used to invest in, and regenerate the wealth within the account. Thus each man woman and child in the world will have a 60% share of the account to build their assets in life, plus the ability to draw on their portion of the remaining 40% to feed themselves and use to gain shelter. These allowances will never be allowed for trade or barter. The account shall be reviewed on a weekly basis, and thus, on a weekly basis, the poor of the world will have the power to draw on further funds to buy food and shelter."

The fifth appeal

I am no accountant, and such a thing sounds like a good, no great idea, but isnt there like 9 billion people in the world? For everybody in the world to be able to garner a weekly wage of around $100 which is alot in a poor country to buy food, would the account not have to be something like 1 trillion dollars to sustain itself?

The fifth appeal answered

"Do you doubt me? Did not jesus feed hundreds with only a few fish and loaves of bread? The account will be as effective, as the will of man is to save their world and end hunger and poverty. Know that I will be watching.

The sixth appeal

There grows a rift in opinions as man learns more and more about the world. It seems that as we find out more about physics and undeniable facts in science, we move further away from the teachings of the bible. The bible says that you created the world in 6 days, the bible does not mention the dinosaurs, we have found proof of their existance. How are we to take these signs? What are we to make of science and what our eyes cannot deny?

The sixth appeal answered

"I have seen this grasp for knowledge and how man has been drawing away from faith and learning things anew almost every day. This is not to be frowned upon, and can and must be embraced by the faith. Why then, does the bible say that I created the world in 6 days? Because it is so. But as you point out, Science draws strong theories to the contrary, that the world was created over millions of years, forming first from a gaseous cloud of debris and slowly consolidating into a planet. What have I told you regarding faith?"

That faith is freedom, and enables you to test us.

"So, what if I were to let it be known in the first testaments of the bible, thousands of years ago past, that I formed the world through the accumulation of debris which consolidated into a planet and thus it was then named the Earth as men evolved upon it. What would happen to faith if I explained this thousands of years ago?"

Well, reading it today, it would show that something of great knowledge had inspired the prophets to write of such, which, would infact prove your existance.

"So, if my existance was proven through texts dating back thousands of years, explaining scientific occurances that could not of possibly been known, I would have destroyed the purpose of my creating this world, and giving my people freedom and faith. It is the same with the dinosaur. Had I explained their existance in a time when their existance could not of possibly been known, I would of proven my own existance and thus sabotaged the role of this world. Both scientific and biblical accounts of creation are correct. Biblical accounts are more metaphorical whilst scientific ones, uncover facts as it goes. Let it also be known, that for all of your sciences discoveries, there is still much they have yet to learn about the world and Universe in which you all live. Know that the path of the bible will sustain you, where science falters.

The seventh appeal

What of miracles? They seem to be far and few between these days, and science seems to explain away more and more of them. What do you say to this?

The seventh appeal answered.

"The time of miracles is over. The intellect of man has grown much, thus guidance to the way must take on a new path. Know that to find a miracle as something that defies the laws of physics, would be to prove my existance and thus destroy faith. Any man with the means and intelligence who seeks an answer to any enigma, will eventually find a logical solution, this is the way of things as if it were not, again, my existance would be proven, the choice to follow and believe would be vanquished, faith would be turned to enslavement, and the testing of men would no longer be possible. Thus the existance of the world would no longer serve me."

The eighth appeal

So what you are saying, is that everything in this world has to add up in a scinetific way, or we would be able to prove your existance, and thus the purpose for which we are all here, which is to test us, would no longer be possible as everyone would be holy, once they knew for sure that god existed and thus heaven and hell. The stories of the bible thus are scientifically dated and due to the people of the time, are a more metaphorical understandable account of who you are. So are you saying that you support the big bang theory of science and that the creation of the world in 6 days was really something metaphorical for a beginning of the Universe account?

The eighth appeal answered

"If you do not understand by now, you never will. He who seeks an answer to a riddle will always find one, trying to find me through science is not the path I have laid out. If you wish to find me, follow the path of the bible, that is how you will find me. And those of faith rejoice in the achievements of science and do not discount them. For the day science proves I am, and proves I was and forever shall be, will be the first signal of the coming of judgement day. Know this and understand."


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